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A-Z Fruits And Herbs That Heals You, Make You Look Ageless And Give You General Well-being

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1 A-Z Fruits And Herbs That Heals You, Make You Look Ageless And Give You General Well-being
1.2 Checkout the A-Z Fruits And Herbs That Heals You Faster Than Most Drugs.

Like Bitter Kola the truth is a bitter pill, it changes you from inside.

Lie is the sweetest pill like sugar, it destroys you from inside.

“Fruits,Herbs,Roots & Leaves For Your General Well-Being.Here is the launch of my contribution to the world of Fruits,Herbs,Roots & Leaves Health Benefits.I Originally intended to publish these works as a book. But due to the outbreak of Covid-19, I have decided to make it free in honor to the dear ones we lost.”Learn about my Herbs Health Heritage

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Now Let’s begin

Checkout the A-Z Fruits And Herbs That Heals You Faster Than Most Drugs.

These Fruits, Roots, Leaves and Herbs are easy to find, easy to use, and they are harmless.
I used A – Z list style for your convenience.

1) Apples 

The quote “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true. Why are you not eating your apples? Could it be because some doctors are trying desperately to keep you away from this fruit that will keep you away from visiting them. Apple boosts your immune system, gives you energy, provides you with immense abilities to be so healthy that pills will begin to irritate you. What use is Apple gadgets to you, when you won’t bite an apple a day to stay super healthy.

Awesome Health Benefits of Apples


2) Avocado Leaves

You eat Avocado fruit to get fresh skin, get fleshy and look good right. Okay now try the leaves to treat kidney stones, stabilize your blood pressure, pursue back pain , prevent cancer among many other Health benefits.
Fresh Avocado Leaves Health Benefits

Fresh Avocado Leaves

3) Artichokes 

You cannot choke on this health giving fruits that protect your heart , stabilize your sugar level and give you the ticket to a healthy functioning liver.
Artichokes health benefits


4) Aloe Vera

I do not know whether to call this a leaf or just a plant , but I Know Aloe Vera destroys cancer tumors, heals burns , alkalizes the body naturally and lots more. Aloe Vera is also a natural hair care product which also treats all hair related problems.
Aloe Vera Super Health Benefits

Aloe Vera

5) Acorn

This is one nut that will help you combat stress related conditions. Depression, mental illnesses ain’t got nothing on this nut.
Acorn health benefits



6) Apricots 

Fortunately for us this sweet fruit controls blood pressure, slows ageing process, and delivers your bones from Alzheimer’s.
Apricots health benefits


7) Avocados Fruit

The Fruit now not the leaves. It wages war against diabetes, lowers cholesterol, gives your skin an ageless glow and much more.
Avocado Health Benefits


8) Almonds

The skin or nuts within the seed of the fruit will strengthen your liver, aid digestion and improve your immune system in amazing ways.
Almonds Health Benefits


9) Bananas

Yes you get this sweet shot of energy and potassium from bananas, but do you know you can protect your heart, strengthen your bones, control blood pressure with bananas. Now you see why Monkeys jump so energetically from tree to trees.
Bananas health benefits


10) Berries

The more the Berry the more you Merry because berries bury sicknesses away from your body. Yes they give natural glucose for pure energy. Bears don’t eat berries for only energy, they eat berries to have a sound sense of smell, sight and sense. Your brain craves the berry now.
Berries health benefits


11) Bitter Kola Aka Garcinia Kola 

It will combat any Venereal Diseases and sexually transmitted diseases within 77 days.
Buy 77 bitter kola and eat half first thing in the morning and half last thing at night for 77 days and go test yourself in any hospital worldwide, you won’t find a trace of any sexually transmitted diseases. Do not question how.
It is simply a God gift to you.
Bitter Kola can eliminate poison from your system in a flash, help you prevent lung cancer. Bitter Kola is wonderful for curing impotence and useful for curing insomnia when chewed at night.Bitter Kola will give you a great sounding voice in the studio, no wonder many on air personalities here pop one in their mouth to have that clear airways.
Garcinia Kola health benefits

Garcinia Kola

12) Broccoli 

Yes this will save your eyesight from blindness, especially because of how we easily expose our eyes to light from phones and laptops these days. Broccoli also strengthens your bones and controls your blood pressure.
Broccoli health benefits


13) Beets 

This will combat cancer causing radicals, protect your heart from hypertension and it aids weight loss.
Beets health benefits


14) Beans

Baked beans are around you, and you also have beans you can cook at home. Beans is a bodybuilding food, it also prevents Parkinson’s diseases, lowers cholesterol, and stabilizes blood sugar.
Health benefits of beans


15) Blackberries

I miss blackberry phones but , I’m not here to talk about phones. The Health benefits of Blackberries are that they prevent heart attack, prevent wrinkles and reverse ageing.
Blackberries health benefits


16) Bitter Leafs

Yes it is bitter , but no better way to eliminate any fever than by using the juice from bitter leaf. This natural laxative can help you lose weight so easily that you’d fire your fitness instructor in no time. While others hustle with pills to prevent High blood pressure, just sip your bitter leaf juice and find peace for your heart.
Bitter Leafs health benefits

Bitter Leafs

17) Barley

This one here will aid in fighting indigestion, help your intestines to feel good, smoothly eliminate some bodily disease and do your kidney a lot of good.
Barley health benefits


18) Breadfruit 

I’ve yet to meet a bread I don’t like. Now Jesus the bread of life is my friend and brother, meaning I also love Breadfruit. This sweet fruit fights cancer with ease, cures kidney related problems in time and promotes sound health like magic. I’m smiling writing this because it’s a secret I’d love to keep, but breadfruit promotes longevity.
Breadfruit health benefits


19) Cantaloupe

Saves eyesight, combats cancer, supports your immune system and makes you rejuvenate your health with the power of it’s natural health giving properties.
Cantaloupe health benefits


20) Cannabis

Yes they are fighting against this natural gift to man because it is not a multi-billion industry like nicotine filled cigarettes. Cannabis makes you access inspiration, cure glaucoma and heal any pain just in a flash. Do not smoke it like Jamaica’s do, just take a pinch full and chew before you sleep and you won’t be high, but get access to Health in a matter of time. Now Doctors are using it to combat pain in cancer patients, why are they now accepting this natural plant ? Do not be told , just act. Did you know Cannabis can be an incense for attracting good vibration?

21) Cranberries

Crown your heart with health benefits of cranberries, fill your immune system with the protective benefits of cranberries, then keep your skin and eyes healthy by drinking cranberry juice.
Cranberries health benefits


22) Cocoa 

Aside from its super energy pumping power. Cocoa pods is an access to incredible brain boosting power,improved mood and cure for depression. Eating the seeds of cocoa will help improve your skin elasticity, collagen, giving you an ageless glow.  It is packed with energy giving vitamins and nutritional benefits.
Cocoa Health Benefits


23) Cocoa Yam

This root food is ideal for Children because it not only boosts their immune system but also helps them to have strong bones. Their brains also develop in a wonderful way when you feed them with mashed Cocoa Yam.
CocoaYam health benefits

Cocoa Yam

24) Cassava

When Tecno the Nigerian Singer sang “I Know you like Cassava” he wasn’t just speaking in lyrics. Cassava gives longevity, it cures diabetes and it also strengthens your stomach. The Great Olusegun Obansanjo who is God knows how old, I suspect over 95 years old eat Cassava flakes daily. For a 3 time President and Leader in Nigeria to humbly eat Cassava flakes, I believe there is a secret to cassava beyond these Health benefits I mentioned.
Cassava health benefits


25) Carrots

If you cut carrot, the middle looks like the eye lens or retina. Nature’s way of saying get your eyes right with carrots. Rabbits jump tirelessly and eat carrots endlessly, animal way of saying carrots gives you a super adrenaline shot. What else should I say? See the full list of 23 health benefits of carrots here
Carrots health benefits


26) Cucumbers

Aside from boosting men semen production, making sperm count great, Cucumber is one of the few fruits filled with water. Cucumbers are great for a radiant looking skin, superbly good hair,’Becky with good hair things’. Cucumber cures hangover as well as prevent kidney stones.
Cucumbers health benefits


27) Coconut

The Yoruba adage says “No one can tell the secret of how water enters into a coconut”. Yeah they are right, because your Genius will amaze people when you drink Coconut water daily. Your blood will be stripped of all impurities when you drink Coconut water. You will be energetic when you drink Coconut water.What more you can eat coconut as well.
Coconut health benefits


28) Cinnamon

Aside using this delicious herb as an incense for attracting luck, love money and great ideas from God, this tasty bark of tree can give you a radiant skin, healthy heart and a great looking hair.Little wonder Cleopatra jealously guarded this her beauty secret from the world during her reign in Egypt.
Cinnamon health benefits


29) Cardamom

I like the Mom at the end of this sweet seed. Mom means comfort, love and strength to me. Well Cardamom is potent with great aphrodisiac properties, gives you fresh breath , eliminates tonsil stones and makes your skin radiant. Mom I love you like Cardamom.
Cardamom health benefits


30) Celery

Celebrate good health every year with Celery. Eat these vegetables to improve your immune system, to combat Anemia and cure many kinds of disease causing radicals.
Celery health benefits


31) Cashew 

I like cashew for it’s fruits and roasted nuts. I like cash so much that anything with cash in its name is naturally my friend, that includes cashew. Yes you can get heart protecting properties from cashew fruits, protect your kidneys from cashew fruits, and get your brain working so optimally well with cashew nuts.
Cashew health benefits


32) Cloves

This tiny seed is super great for curing piles, curing intestinal problems and expelling fever from your body without delay.
Cloves health benefits


33) Corn

Delicious whether roasted or boiled or processed as corn flakes. This awesome cob will give you strong bones, eliminate digestive problems and supply you with awesome vitamins to free your blood from cancer causing radicals.
Corn Health Benefits


34) Cabbage

Eliminate garbage from your body system by chewing on Cabbage. This healthy leafy ball is potent with antioxidants, anti-obesity and it is great for aiding fertility and boosting your immune system.
Cabbage health benefits


35) Dates

I’ve never met a date I didn’t like. Aside from the natural energy giving property in these Jew and Arabian nuts, you can access the cure for diabetes, anti-obesity, anti-cancer properties and the help against heart related problems from dates. Dates Palm Fronds Can Usher Prosperity Into Your Home Within 66 Days
Dates health benefits


36) Dandelion 

Use this as tea and you’d be surprised by the anti-ageing, anti-obesity and anti-cancer properties richly embedded in it. The name is music to your heart health because all it does is deal with anything that could harm your health from within.
Dandelion health benefits


37) Eggplant

Some funny folks portray Eggplants to mean the scrotum size of a man. As for you egg plant will give you fresh breath, strengthen your immune and even prevent malaria. Next time you see that scrotum like fruit,(Yeah I said it)  buy it,because it is good for your health.
Eggplant health benefits


38) Elixir Mixture Of Fruits,Herbs and Roots Called Epa Ijebu Gbogbonse(Aporo aka Poison Killer)

This one might not be where you are but it is one black magical elixir we use from the days of my great grandparents to combat common cold, fever, blood impurities, eye problems and a lot of harmful diseases including poison. The Epa Ijebu(Gbogbonse) 27+ Potent Health Benefits And Healing Potentials It is a combination of fruits, leaves and roots . It is our secret. You can request for it here if you wish . Though the taste is sour , this thick ointment can be mixed with warm water and you will drink it, or applied to wounds for rapid healing.

39) Fennel Seeds

This can be used to fight against blood impurities. These seeds can also boost your energy level and improve your brain function.
Fennel Seeds Health Benefits

Fennel Seeds

40) Fig 

I love this Biblical wonder because it is potent for treating a lot of things such as high blood pressure, leukemia, and it also boosts the immune system.
Fig Health Benefits


41) Guava

Have you ever wondered why birds like Guavas so much? It makes them fly,  figuratively and literally. Guava guards against heart diseases, eliminates kidney stones. The leaves of Guava tree can be used to probably say goodbye to sickle cell Anemia complications, fight fever , bad breath and say enough is enough to stroke related problems.See How Guava leaves Tea Improves Your Health,Looks and Mood
Guava health benefits


42) Ginkgo Biloba

This one right here is for your brain. It is one Secret of Chinese, they do not joke with the infinite brain boosting property choked up in Gingko Biloba. Aside from negative Covid 19 that came from China, there are millions of great commodities coming from China brains and they use Ginkgo Biloba for their brains, now you know why they are so smart.
Ginkgo Biloba Health benefits

Ginkgo Biloba

43) Ginseng

Give me Ginseng and I’d give you gold because Ginseng itself contains every property missing in Gold. Yes we use Ginseng to keep our penis standing for long, cure impotence and even have all night sex . Ginseng is also an elixir that promotes good health , radiant skin and is known for how it makes the Chinese live longer.
Ginseng health benefits


44) Garlic

I’ve never seen a garlic that does not work. It protects the immune system, cures STD , and delivers you from cardiovascular diseases, asthma, liver problems and constipation. Not to mention the high antioxidants and antimicrobial properties in it. No wonder Chinese love it. Also it is known to chase away evil energy,now you know why Hollywood uses it as anti-vampires in movies. If you do not want Garlic breath then there are some easy to pop in your mouth Garlic pills.
Garlic health benefits


45) Ginger

This is one root herb that can do a lot of wonders in your health. Aside from fighting common cold, flu, cough , and aids digestion, Ginger can also strengthen your immune system when chewed on as a daily snack. Hate the spicy , pungent taste of Ginger? Then buy it’s pills and pop it in your mouth.
Ginger health benefits


46) Green Peas 

These peas are awesome for children, it helps strengthen their immune system, give them the protein needed for energy and promote healthy internal organs.
Green Peas health benefits

Green Peas

47) Grapes 

This is a royal fruit because it not only promotes a good heart , but has anti-aging properties and lots of vitamin C that keeps you naturally healthy while also boosting your immune system.
Grapes Healthy Benefits


48) Grapefruit

This is one of the fruits we use to easily combat cancer causing radicals before they show up, we also use this to say bye bye to flu and feverish feelings. The skin of grapefruit boiled can really help you defeat High blood pressure, and help you lose weight naturally.
Grapefruits Health Benefits


49) Goat Weed

Why do Chinese like all these G’s Fruits,Roots, Herbs so much.
I was told the statement ” Find the Fruits,Roots, Herbs, and Leaves that Chinese are eating and join them,for therein lies a cure for something the world is missing”. Goat weed is potent for making you horny , making you enjoy sex, and giving you the necessary libido that defies the drop in your estrogen and testosterone level. I won’t like to reveal more about this here. There are some loaded with goat weed pills you can trust for sweeter and spicier bedroom matters.
Goat Weed Health Benefits

Goat Weed

50) Hibiscus Flowers 

Indians love this as tea and for the right cause. This is a blood boosting, radicals combating and immune beneficial delicious drink for you. Mix it with fruits or take it naturally, one thing is sure this will help your health in a lot of ways.
Hibiscus Flowers health benefits

Hibiscus Flowers

51) Kiwi Fruits 

Pumped up in Vitamin C, this fruit is known to cure diseases such as High blood pressure, liver diseases and it warns flu and catarrh to flee from your body without delay.
Kiwi Fruits health benefits

Kiwi Fruits

52) Kolanut 

Brain boosting, energy raising , quick ejaculation curing Kolanut is a wonder fruit like bitter Kola. Matter of fact it is known to be the Husband of Bitter Kola. Aside from its traditional uses of bringing fortunes. Kola Nut is also a fruit for longevity and it easily pursues depression without delay.Now you know why Nigerians request Kolanut for the traditional wedding ceremony.
Kolanut Health Benefits


53) Kidney Beans

As the name implies , these beans help protect your kidneys from any diseases, heals your kidney, and also boost your immune system in a natural way. I like these beans so much that I can eat a whole bag in a month.
Kidney Beans Health Benefits

Kidney Beans

54) Kale

Use this wonder nature medicine for kidney and liver detoxification. That’s not all, you can reverse age related wrinkles with this amazing natural substance while also increasing your metabolism with it.
Kale health benefits


55) Lemon

Vitamin C packed lemon can help you prevent cancer causing radicals from rising against your health.It can also help you lose weight and gain an healthy immune system.
Lemon health benefits


56) Locust Beans

It does not smell so bad when you have the right one. I sell the right one and only consume the right one. Locust Beans is known to give you a great eyesight, boost your immune system and pump your brain up with super genius abilities. I chew it for the fun of it some nights and eat it in meals just to tap its immense immune boosting benefits.

57 ) Lime 

You want to burn fat in your body quickly, then drink lime with warm water in the morning and night. Forget its sour taste, lime will increase your metabolism and provide you with awesome vitamin c to boost your immune system.
Lime health benefits


58) Moringa Seeds And Moringa Leafs

This magical nature given seed and leaf does over 13 wonderful things to your health.First it gives you a glowing young radiant look, next it endows you with multivitamins, then it aids your healing and boosts your immune system.
Moringa Seeds And Moringa Leafs Health Benefits

Moringa Seeds And Moringa Leafs

59) Mints 

The word minty fresh is real.  Mints will help detoxify your body, give you fresh breath and promote healthy weight loss in a matter of time.
Mints leaves Health Benefits

Mints leaves

60) Onions

They are bulbs of wonders because they are filled with antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties. They get rid of STD without stress and boost your immune system so easily.
Onions Health Benefits


61) Oats

Make an Oath with your immune system to keep it healthy with oats . You will like oats because it promotes weight loss, aids digestion and gives you healthy bones while maintaining the health of your dear heart.
Oats Health Benefits


62) Parsley

This herb was how I eliminated stress from my system one time. It keeps you looking great, relaxes your nerves, combat stress and fights age related bodily issues.
Parsley Health Benefits


63) Peanuts

Peanuts is a mighty brain boosting delicious nut that gives you healthy cholesterol, improves your eyesight, combat heart related issues and aid weight loss because you can munch on it as lunch.

64) Pineapples

This will make a lady vagina smell so good, and keep her lubricated naturally, while also raising her sexual interest. Aside from all these awesome benefits, pineapples can give you the vitamins you need to prevent flu, help your immune system and keep you physically fit.The 7 Pineapples Top Secret Health Benefits That No One Talks About
Pineapples health benefits


65) Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes help increase your sperm count naturally and boost your libido , while also providing you with the right amount of vitamins to boost your immune system without stress.
Potatoes Health Benefits

Sweet Potatoes

66) Palm Kernel

Malaysia took this fruit from Nigeria and now makes so much money from it. Well no offense because we have more than enough palm kernel here to feed a continent. Palm Kernel is where palm oil comes from and it is highly beneficial for your eyes, skin and immune system. We use palm oil to help a child to vomit any harmful thing he or she accidentally swallows, to have healthy bones, great eyesight among many other awesome health benefits.
Palm Kernels health benefits

Palm Kernels

67) Pumpkin 

Aside from the fun Halloween designs you make with this fruit, did you know pumpkins help boost your red blood cell, energize your white blood cell and boost your immune system while giving you the ageless look you desire. Get people wondering if you’re 35 or 53 just by pumping your body up with pumpkin.
Pumpkin Health Benefits


68) Raisins

This gives you a very sharp brain, fast reflex and helps make your bone so strong as iron itself. I chew this daily to pump up my energy, maintain a fresh breath and as one of my bedroom secrets. Raisins are not meant for cakes alone, you can give your children to help them boost their brain power. You can use raisins to stay fit , because it makes you filled up even without eating solid food.Raisins also aids in alleviating toothache,cures cavities and helps your dental hygiene. 17 ‘Health Benefits Of Raisins’ Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
Raisins health benefits


69) Spinach

Popeye was one of my favorite cartoon character in those days. His muscles get pumped up by eating just spinach. Well spinach helps you get the radiant skin, it protects your heart, strengthens your bones and helps your eyes while also promoting weight loss.
Spinach Health Benefits


70) Sugar Cane

I was stubborn as a child so I naturally attracted cane, but I now eat sugar cane as a payback. In the northern part of Nigeria, sugar cane is used to boost men libido, naturally enlarge their penis and used to stay energetic while they work tirelessly under their scorching sun. Guess what I once lived in the north, I ate a lot of sugar cane while growing up and I have a long penis. I know why she breathes so hard when I enter that pot of juice. ‘Somebody help me beg the Lord to deliver me from raw talks’ ‘Hahahaha’
Sugar Cane health benefits

Sugar Cane

71) Tigernuts 

Libido boosting Tigernuts is great for men because it also pumps the sperm count and delays ejaculation naturally. We make Tigernuts juice in this part of the world to help men cure stress related sexual dysfunction. This is also a Hausa nut, trust me you do not want to ignore any fruits Hausa eat so religiously such as Dates, Tigernuts and Sugarcane. Wise men will understand this so easily.
Tigernuts Health Benefits


72 ) Tealeaf 

Another Chinese favorite, green tea, black tea , white tea , any tea contain super flavonoids, super health boosting , weight burning, genius enhancing and immune boosting wonder.
Do you remember watching one of those karate movies where you’d see an old karate master sitting  and drinking tea? Well tea promotes longevity, no joke it does .
Give me all the tea in China for all the oil in Nigeria and I’d be rich in health , cash and longevity boosting, cancer fighting substance. There are teas that will help you in over 7 Health related issues straight from the stable of China. Forget the blackmail China is getting because of Covid 19, respect their immense contribution to health, well-being and technology in the world. 53 Powerful Health Benefits Drinking Of Tea, And Uses Of Tea Bags
Tealeaf health benefits


73) Thyme 

Eat Thyme to live for a long time. Aside from the fact it attracts money into your wallet, thyme is known to boost your immune system, increase your longevity and help you maintain a young glowing look no matter what age you are. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t joke that super health benefits herbs .
Thyme health benefits


74) Wonder Kola(Gorontula)

Nigerian women recently found out this super fruit can help tighten up the vagina wall after child birth and improve women libido as well as make a man addicted to their vagina. Well we know northern women use this as kayanmata(Vagina Sweetener) , but according to my inherited knowledge, it boost your immune system, fights cancer, eliminates over 6 deadly diseases, enhances ageless looks, fights fibroid with ease and still has many more health benefits than I can count. You can get Original Gorontula or Wonder Kola from me, I know the best and use only the best.
Wonder Kola Health Benefits

Wonder Kola

75) Watermelon 

In Beyonce ‘Drunk In Love’ lyrics she mentioned ‘I have been drinking watermelon’. Yes watermelon enhances female Libido, lubricates their vagina, helps them stay sweet in the middle and it is also packed with vitamins C for everyone. I eat watermelon seeds, the peel and the fruits to attain that glowing look. Any fruit with water is my friend because I know the human body is made up of 70% water, so I need water every time. Gimme some watermelon please.
Water Melon Health Benefits

Water Melon

76) Walnuts 

Shaped like the human brain, walnuts are very important for boosting brain power, boosting sperm count and aiding fertility.  Walnut will keep your mouth fresh while also giving you the supreme Health because it combats cancer causing radicals and helps strengthen your immune system.
Walnuts  health benefits


77) Yam Tubers 

You want to give birth to twins? Feed on yam daily and you’d be amazed that you will give birth to twins. Have you ever wondered why Yam is part of the gifts required for a traditional wedding?Now you know why. Packed with fertility boosting properties and health sustaining benefits, yam is one of the wonder tubers that help your bones stay strong while also protecting your digestive system.
yam tubers health benefits

yam tubers

After over 12 hours of writing and proofreading the above natural wonder working power of Fruits,Herbs,Roots,Leaves,  I’m about to put a pause on this as I bring this lesson to a conclusion.
May you live long in peace, health and wealth while loving God with passion just like you love the air he so generously blesses you with.

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