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Discover Carrots Health benefits,Skin care and Hair benefits that no Bunny will tell you
Carrots are delicious tasting roots, or fruit, or vegetable,but also highly potent with immense health benefits.
Carrots come in a variety of shapes , colors such as Red, Yellow and even Royal Purple color.
Since variety is the spice of life, below I will show you many ways on “how carrots can give your skin a great complexion, while helping you eliminate a lot of potential skin and internal diseases.
Some carrots are sweet. While some are not that sweet. But that’s fair enough considering the immense immune boosting benefits it possesses.
I blend my carrots sometimes and chew it at other times, it doesn’t matter how I consume carrots, it will always fill my body with its great nutritional health giving properties such as : Beta Carotene,Alpha Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin,Gamma Carotene, Vitamins A, Vitamins B, Vitamins C, Vitamins K, Potassium,Iron, Zinc, Calcium,Folic, Acid Fiber and lots of minerals.
To me Consuming 2 Glass Of Carrots Juice Daily Can Really give the combined benefits embedded in 8 different multivitamins pills. Who has time to swallow 8 pills just to get what Carrots Juice can give in 2 simple glass cups?

7 Quick Facts About Carrots Juice You Should Know Right Now

1) American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists mentioned how pregnant and breastfeeding women require 1000 milligram of Calcium Daily.
Since carrots are calcium packed, a smoothie of this fruit can help the Baby bones grow strong in fetus stage and after delivery.
Carrots are ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Carrots are ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding women

2) Carrots boost the immune system because according to scientists 100 Grams of carrots will pump you up with 33% Vitamins A, 9% Vitamins C, 5% Vitamins B6, and Carotene.
All these healthy nutritional benefits of carrots wage war against free radicals that cause cancer cells, keep you away from sicknesses and help your immune system beat down bacteria, viruses plus inflammation.
Carrots boost the immune system and wages war against diseases

Carrots boost the immune system and wages war against diseases

3) Carrots benefit your nervous system by giving you the healthy dose of Vitamins K and Vitamins B.
Carrots helps your nervous system

Carrots helps your nervous system

4) Carrots Juice burns excess cholesterol and helps prevent diabetes because of its low sugar and high potassium packed power.
5) Helps you cleanse your liver from fats deposits , toxins, prevent liver diseases such as Cholestasis and helps in facilitating waste evacuation from your body because of its vitamins A, beta carotene, alpha Carotene.
6) Give your skin ,hair and eyes sight the most healthy glow.
As one of the top 33 home remedies for a radiant skin, curing eyes diseases and having general well-being, Carrots Juice are packed with beta carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Vitamins A. These vitamins in carrots are so essential if you desire to look younger, healthier and have a vision 20/20 eye sight.

Carrots improves your eyesight

7) Carrots Juice also helps your bones because it contains vitamins K, potassium and calcium. It Improves your oral health. It also increases your metabolism.
Now that’s not all, I’m just warming you up for :

The 16 Good Health Benefits of Carrots Juice For You And Your Children.

1) Carrots Juice Will Help Prevent Illnesses And Cure Common Cold.

Packed with a natural supply of Vitamins, Iron and  Beta Carotene, carrots will help treat common cold, flu and cough.
Carrots Juice can help prevent and cure urinary tract infection, intestinal, mouth, stomach and throat infections.
Carrot explosive health benefits

Carrot explosive health benefits

2) Carrots Increase Your Energy Level Preventing Fatigue.

The iron in carrots juice helps provide adequate energy into the bloodstream and brain there by increasing mental alertness and decreasing fatigue.
Carrots also contain phosphorus which gives you energy all day while easing workout pains because the vitamins B in carrots increases your metabolism and builds a well toned muscle for you.

3) Carrots Relieve Abdominal Gas

Drink 2 glasses full of carrots juice whenever you feel bloated or feel your intestines are filled with gas. The relief will be instant and you’d find your intestinal problems getting alleviated in a short time.

4) Carrots Helps Your Teeth And Your Oral Hygiene.

Carrots help fight against gum diseases,tooth decays and plaques.
It also contains vitamins that help you have strong teeth, alkalize your mouth and keep your breath fresh.How Bitterleaf Relieves ToothAche,Heal Gum Diseases And Keep Your Breath Fresh
Carrots for great oral hygiene

5) Carrots Juice Helps Prevent Irregular Menstrual Cycle And Heals Menstrual Pain.

6) Carrots Can Help Prevent Cancer

The beta carotene in carrots can help you fight against leukemia cells. Women with risks of breast cancer can drink carrots juice daily to prevent this.
Men can prevent prostate cancer by drinking carrots juice which contains great antioxidants properties which fights free radicals that gang up in the body to form cancer cells.

7) Carrots Can Help heal wounds faster

The Vitamins A and C in carrots can aid in healing wounds faster. Matter of fact you can apply little carrot juice on the wound and drink 2 glasses of Carrots Juice to heal wounds faster. This includes wounds of diabetes patients.

8) Carrots Gives You The Best Eye Health, Prevent Eye Related Diseases, Helps heal Age Related Eye Problems.

The middle of a carrot looks like the eyeball because carrots are one of the known sources of vision 2020.
With a great dose of Vitamins A, Beta carotene, Lutein, Carrots are known to prevent eye disorders such as macular degeneration, blindness. Lutein helps to fight age related vision impairment.
2 cups of carrots juice will give you the daily requirements of Vitamins A for a healthy vision.
Drink carrot juice daily to prevent the harmful effect of exposing your eyes to phones and laptop light.

9) Carrots Boost Your Memory And Helps Prevent Brain Diseases

Carrots helps your brain against Alzheimer’s, memory loss, while also improving your brain cognitive power. The beta carotene in carrots fights against oxidative stress that damages vital brain cells.
Carrots vitamins B rich properties can also give your brain the necessary oxygen it needs to stay focused, alert and healthy always.

10) Carrots Gives Your Children The Necessary Vitamins To Stay Healthy Always

Carrots boost the immune system of your children by giving them the daily requirements of Vitamins A, C, B , Beta Carotene.
Your children’s bones will benefit immensely from the Vitamins K, Calcium and potassium embedded in carrots juice.
The antioxidants in carrots can help your children by preventing the risk of infection, help them maintain a glowing complexion while also helping them have healthy eyes.

carrots as anti-cancer

11) A Glass Of Carrots Juice Helps Pregnant Women , Lactating Mothers And Babies.

During pregnancy and after pregnancy a healthy dosage of magnesium, Vitamins A,Calcium, potassium, folic acid helps mother and child prevent infections. It helps develop strong bones,. It helps to protect against free radicals, and it give mother and child a smooth , fresh complexion.
Do not take more than a glass daily, during pregnancy.
Carrots are superb for lactating mothers

Carrots are superb for lactating mothers

12) Carrots Gives You An Ageless Glow

Carrots Juice Helps your skin glow, hydrate your skin by making the elasticity of your skin maintain its youthfulness.
It helps prevent skin cancer and skin diseases because of its beta carotene, vitamins A which protect skin against UV rays and give skin that supple ,soft ,smooth and natural light complexion.

13) Carrots Juice Cures Acne, Eczema and skin impurities.

14) Carrot Gives you Healthy looking nails

Carrots Juice helps your nail grow naturally strong, gives you pretty nails and cure whitlow instantly.
Carrots give you good nails

15) Carrots Juice Helps your hair follicle.

Carrots Juice prevents dandruff and also helps your hair grow faster and stronger with more natural sheen.

16) Carrots Juice will help your heart.

Carrot juice contains everything your heart needs to stay healthy and well always.

Superb list of Carrot Health Benefits

Drink carrots juice today simply by going to buy lots of them and blending them with water. Do this for 10 days and spot the beautiful difference it will make in your health, heart and Skin.


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