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Guava Leaves tea health benefits is the natural precious gift you need for overcoming and preventing many potential deadly diseases.
Apart from helping you look younger, giving you a sharper Brain and strengthening your immune system.There are so much more amazing health benefits of guava leaf tea.
“Go green when all pills fail has never been as important as it is today when Covid 19 pandemic devoured many well meaning people globally”.
Living in fear of diseases which could break out anytime is no fun. Especially when you do not trust your immune system enough to guarantee your safety.
The case of Covid 19 disease breakout shows that the world ain’t prepared for the worst yet.
I decided to go into Blogging about things like this because I am a pure blood descendant of famous herbal Practitioners. But as modern medicine popularity increased I was like “Damn those archaic heal with Fruits, Herbs, Roots, Leaves ideas I inherited and practice personally”.
And as a Christian I felt my inherited knowledge of the functional health benefits of Fruits,Herbs, Roots,and Fruits was all not in tandem with my faith, not until I met with Ezekiel-47:12 “Their fruits shall be food and their leaves for medicine”.
OMG! So I hid from sharing info I got so generously from my forefathers, all because I taught they were not relevant? Which other book is as relevant as the Bible – which advocates the supreme Health benefits of fruits and Herbs.
Covid 19 numerous painful but avoidable deaths inspired me to refocus my energy on sharing all the numerous inherited secrets embedded in Fruits,Herbs, Leaves and Roots.
By the power of God may all these Revelations always work for you.
As I always like to say, what’s the harm in trying to go naturally with fruits, vegetables, leaves and roots if medicine has failed.
Now let us begin!

Introduction To The Potent Power Of Guava Leaf Tea

First of all Guava Leaves are on every tree where you find Guava fruits – common knowledge. But only proof-worthy info like this will tell you to pluck the Guava Leaves because they are darn so good for your health and general well-being!
Eat delicious Guava fruits because they are loaded with lots of Vitamins, minerals, potassium and iron. However the Guava Leaves outweigh its fruits in Health benefits.
Tea leaves are a super natural source of Flavonoids, Thianin , Antioxidants. Guava Leaves on the other hand can be brewed with your tea or like tea leaves to release Vitamins B, C, Antimicrobial, Antiviral, Antioxidants, lycopene and over 30 more of Health giving properties.
If all you need is to simply cure pimples, acne, Eczema and other skin disorders, simply blend Guava Leaves and rub the paste on affected parts daily. Within 7 days you’d notice visible differences and in less than 3 months your skin will be pumped with collagen that gives you the natural Ageless glow.

Diseases And Body Conditions That Guava Leaves Helps You Prevent or Cure

1) Guava Leaves are a super astringent and Antimicrobial packed cure for bad breaths, toothache, sore throats ,gum diseases. It also combats oral cancer. Chew 2 leaves daily in the morning, afternoon and night for super speedy recovery.
guava leaf tea for oral hygiene
2) You cannot go bald with Guava Leaves. Blend a paste of Guava Leaves and massage it in your scalp as an easy harmless home remedy for preventing baldness and growing beards if you wish to.
guava leaf tea for hair growth
3) Prevent And Avoid Cancer with Guava Leaves Tea daily. Pumped with super Antioxidants power and high vitamins content, Guava Leaves can help you erase  prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer when you constantly drink it.
guava leaf tea fights and prevent cancer
4) Chase away cold, fever , respiratory problems with the natural benefits of Guava Leaves. Fortified with vitamins C and other amazing flu chasing Antioxidants. You can use Guava Leaves as an home remedy for saying bye bye to cold, cough and catarrh instantly. You can also use it to prevent these ailments.
5) Keep your Brain in good health with Guava Leaves. Drinking a brew of Guava Leaves guarantees you a sharp brain. Prevents brain diseases and keeps you mentally alert to do the day’s job. Vitamins B in these leaves nourishes your brain and improves good blood circulation to your brain while calming your nerves and relieving anxiety.
6) Guava Leaves give your skin a smooth glow. Prevent wrinkles and cures Acne, Pimples , Eczema.
The environment of Earth today is activated to release premature ageing in you. Pimples, stress, and all skin disorders leaves a tattoo of wrinkles on your skin. But Guava Leaves face paste will be the home remedy you need to get your original skin glow back in a quicker time than creams could. How To Have A Naturally Smooth And Soft Skin In 2 Weeks
guava leaf face mask
7) Guava Leaves reduce the effects of Type 2 Diabetes or Cures It in many cases.
The high fiber content,and other nutritional Health properties of Guava Leaves is one of the best ways to say bye bye to diabetes. No wonder Chinese use its leaves as their daily drink for eliminating diabetes.
8) Why have High Blood Pressure Due To Stress When You Can Prevent It By Drinking Guava Leaves Tea.
Studies show in sync with the info I have that Guava Leaves prevent High blood pressure and eliminates it. Drink it daily for 10 – 15 weeks and it will lower your blood sugar levels without increasing insulin production.
9) Using a Phone or Laptop Could Create Eyes Related Diseases/ Problems In Future. But thanks to Guava Leaves you can prevent eyesight troubles before it arises.
Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin A , C – guava Leaves tea will give your eyes vision 20/20. All these vitamins prevent and fight against macular degeneration, cataract, night blindness, and blurry vision.
guava leaf paste for fresh breath and white teeth

guava leaf paste for fresh breath and white teeth

Many more Health benefits of Guava Leaves include boosting sperm Count, aiding digestion, treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, wounds , fever and many more Health related problems.
This wonder leaf also keeps you feeling good from inside and looking good outside. It makes your heart thank you.
Simply Pluck the leaves, boil them fresh or dry them then brew to drink. Blend to drink or chew it to release wonder working Health benefits into your whole body system.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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