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How Aloe Vera Can Give You Longer Wavy Hair in 7 Days

How Aloe Vera Improved My Hair within few Days
How To Use Aloe Vera As A Natural Treatment For Hair Related Problems
Get longer wavy hair in 7 days, using just Aloe Vera. Let me show you how to do just that.
Sometimes dandruff, hair loss and dry lackluster hair might diminish your beauty as a woman.
Shelf products promise to repair the damages to your hair, but you don’t know what chemicals are mixed with the products.
Why risk your scalp with another hair treatment product? When the God given plant Aloe Vera is a full hair care remedy.
Do you need to wipe out hair lice? Are you tired of recurring dandruff? Or is hair loss making you look like a grandma?
What can you do when shampoo fails to treat hair related problems such as lice?
My Ex-wife told me a sad story about how a woman died because she wrongfully used ‘Sniper Roach Killer’ as a treatment for hair lice.
There is a natural solution for everything, including hair related problems.
Aloe Vera As home remedy for hair related problems

Is There A Natural Home Remedy For My Hair Growth And Hair Related Problem?

There is a remedy for all hair related problems in the Natural shampoo named Aloe Vera.
Isn’t it obvious that Aloe Vera will work wonders for your hair, seeing just how it is gel look like shampoo.
I am a man but take my hair maintenance seriously. Anything short of wavy hair or well sheen hair won’t do for me.
When I noticed my hair line receding and the waves disappearing, I consulted the ancient remedy for hair problems. Below you will read 7 steps on how Aloe Vera Improved my hair.
(See why you need to trust my judgement on treatment of hair related problems)
I found Aloe Vera.
There are only a few natural remedies for hair and skin that beat Aloe Vera.
Weed included. No disrespect to Indians and their Indian hemp for hair growth.
7 Ways To Get Your Hair Growth And Improve Your Hair With Aloe Vera within 7 days.

1) Pluck Aloe Vera and cut open

The juicy gel in Aloe Vera looks like shampoo locked up for your absolute hair growth benefits.

2) Use a Sharp Spatula Object to scoop Gel Out of Aloe Vera

I use my hands to scoop this. You can use a sharp spatula,so as to avoid the lingering bitter taste on your finger.(Do not throw away the Aloe Vera skin.)

3) Whisk The Aloe Vera Gel Until it becomes slimy like

The gel in Aloe Vera is thick and block like, so you need to whisk it to release its fullness.

4) Apply The Gel On Your Hair Massage it into your scalp

Generously apply the gel into your scalp. Massage it round your hair, around your hair follicle. Then you can use a brush or comb to style the hair as desired. Leave on your hair for an hour. It is harmless. Matter of fact it will cake up on your hair like hair Gel.
How To Use Aloe Vera as Gel for Wavy and Coiled hair

5) Soak the Aloe Vera Skin in Warm water.

In number 2 I instructed you not to throw away the skin. You should soak this Aloe Vera skin in warm water for 10 minutes.
Use this warm water to rinse the Aloe Vera off your hair.

6) Do the Above Aloe Vera hair treatment process for 7 days or for as long as you wish

Using Aloe Vera on your hair has no negative side effects. It is natural. Use it in the morning and evening for your hair. And you’d become a Becky with a good hair woman or a never balding man to your friends.

7) Aloe Vera Natural hair gel can also give you the same effect you get from using normal gel

If you want to have coiled hair or wavy hair, you can use the gel in Aloe Vera to do this.
Wash your hair as instructed above, then rub Aloe Vera natural gel on your hair, brush to style and that’s all.
In fact this locks your hair faster , firmer and keeps your hair looking lustrous throughout the day.
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