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 The Epa Ijebu (Gbogbonse) 27+ Potent Health Benefits And Healing Potentials

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1 The Epa Ijebu (Gbogbonse) 27+ Potent Health Benefits And Healing Potentials

Epa Ijebu is known to cure 200 ailments without leaving a single side effect. It cures snakes and scorpion bites. It heals deadly virus diseases, eliminates body aches and burns fats.

But… Fake Epa Ijebu exists, and the fact is Ijebus are not responsible for this.

What To Expect In The Article Below

1) 27 Health Benefits and Home Remedies Of Epa Ijebu

2) Why I am Better qualified to Tell You About Epa Ijebu

3) What is the Secret Of Epa Ijebu

4) Why You Must Only Buy Original Epa Ijebu (Origin Of Epa Ijebu)

5) How To Use Epa Ijebu For Men, Women, and Children.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Original Epa Ijebu From Ijebu Ode

Why I am Qualified To Talk About Epa Ijebu


It is a deadly taboo for an Ijebu to produce fake Epa Ijebu. This is our only Herbal heritage from the ancient times.
Talking about ancient times. I just returned from a 2 nights visit to my maternal 92 years old grandma in Ijebu Ode.
Sidikatu Mebude is the last remaining Wife of the famous Muritala Oriola Mebude(Baba Teacher).Why I am Genuinely Gifted In Herbs, Roots, Leaves And Fruits


My Maternal Grandpa Heritage of Ijebu Foundational Fathers

Mebude was a Philanthropist, Education Advocate,Secretary of Zonal Educational School Board Ijebu Ode
and he founded Premier Prep School Ijebu Ode. A Man With that much potential was killed at 58 years old in a fatal road accident on April 4 1972.

He died on his way back from going to give one Pakistian Professor Chandory a Cheque on behalf of The Board of
Governors all Muslim schools in Western Region.


My Maternal Grandma Heritage of Royalty and Herbs Wisdom

My Grandma Sidikatu Mebude whom I went to visit on Friday 28th 2020 August was the only daughter of Audu Baba, a
Royal Family from Bida.

Her Grandpa my namesake, Ibrahim the famous Herbal Healer of his days,
feared and admired by Muslims for his wisdom in roots,herbs and leaves.

My invisible bond with my Grandma began before I was born in 1983. My biological father rejected my young mum
so she naturally wanted to terminate his baby in her womb. My Grandma in Ijebu Ode heard this in a prophesy and embarked on a 2-3 days train Journey to Kaduna state to warn my mum against aborting me.

This is one of the reasons why I am alive today.

On my most recent visit to Grandma, she transferred ancient wisdom and lots spiritual gifts to me. I returned to Lagos on August 30th 2020,listening to Celine Dion ” How Does A Moment Last Forever“.

The End of an Era and transference of Glory of Ancients into the Evergreen new Era-Me.

She gave me life, Sidikatu saved me as a Fetus 37 plus years ago from abortion. Last Weekend she gave me uncountable transference of ancients Spiritual gifts, knowledge, and Wisdom. The only thing I gave her was some jewelry, clothes,and money which cannot even measure in size to the uncountable virtues she released into me.

Her biggest gift was telling me I am her Child,even though I am her Grandchild. More like how Jacob elevated Ephraim the Son of Joseph to the 12 tribes of Israel.

My biggest gift yet to Sidikatu Mebude was that I made her give her life to Jesus on 30th August 2020-1:57 Am.

I a Muslim converted to Christian gave Christ Jesus to the grandma a Muslim who saved me from being aborted 37 Years Ago.

The most memorable word she said to me is – You are a Son of God and a Doctor.

Pre-destiny is real, re-incarnation is real, It is only a fool that doubt it. The Bible believes in re-incarnation, see
the part of Elijah as John the Baptist.

Now Let’s Begin!!!


What is the Secret Of Epa Ijebu

Epa Ijebu (Gbogbonse) – All Curing Herbs, was invented by league of the greatest trad-herbs healers in Ijebu to serve as all potent remedy for every life threatening diseases, common ailments and for humanity general well-being.

Before all these modern medicines came to Nigeria, our people in Ijebu Ode lived for over 200 years old on just herbs,and roots with fruits health remedy.

All these stupid diseases with rubbish fancy names were in existence then as well. Snakes , Scorpions,
Poison plants, Aids,Cancer Gonorrhea, and many illnesses existed in those days as well.

However they were not known by the fancy degree names they possess now.

One unique truth was none of those sicknesses had a single power against my forefathers. Epa Ijebu Gbogbonse was one of the natural herbs remedy they had with them all the time!

Super Health Benefits Of Original Epa Ijebu From Ijebu Ode
Why You Must Only Buy Original Epa Ijebu(Origin Of Epa Ijebu)

Ijebus are the lineages of Biblical Jebusites of Canaan Land who fled when Israel through Joshua dominated them.

Some Israelite married the Jebusites gave them new name Ijebus. Then the Isrealite implant the Israel initial in Jebusites – Hence I-JEBUS!

Abraham,God’s Friend, the patriarch of blessings whose seeds are stars have his lineage in Ijebus.

I am one of them!!!.

Till date Mothers in Ijebu just like in Israel are the ones who hold the Spiritual, Psychological and Social thread of the family.

You do not want to mess with an Israelite and Ijebusite mothers Children, it would be your last-trust me.

Ain’t no Party like Ijebus parties. Ijebus are fun loving, healthy and serious business minded folks.

Never compete with an Ijebu just like you won’t ever want to compete with an Israelite- all we do is Win!!!

Original Epa Ijebu Gbogonse was really the mastermind of Israelite who practiced the Ezekiel 47:12 prophesy
Their leaves as Medicine and their fruits as food“. All the multipurpose herbs is known as Epa Ijebu – Rod of Ijebu (Formally Opa Ijebu) because of psalm 23,(Your Rod comforts me) and Aaron Rod that buds secret plants.

The genealogy secret knowledge of the herbs of Epa Ijebu is like Coke, we will never reveal it. If you bought a million Epa Ijebu From a 100 continent, it will not work for you unless a true Ijebu descendant produced and sold it.

How To Use Epa Ijebu For Men, Women, and Children

For Men

You use your right hand middle long finger to dip into the herbs and lick it three times at a go. You will repeat this first thing
in the morning, 3 pm and last thing at Night. Never ever use the left hand!!!

For Women

You use any of the 2 fingers beside the right hand middle finger to lick it 2 times at a go. You will have to repeat this
process first thing in the morning, mid-day and night as well. Never do this with your left hand!!!

For Children

Use the smallest finger on the right hand to give them epa Ijebu twice daily. First thing in the morning and last thing at

Never  use Epa Ijebu within the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Use one month after child delivery for rapid healing and top burn the stomach fat faster and heal stretch marks.


Now Let’s Begin Part 2

27 Health Benefits Of Epa Ijebu For 27 Different Health Related Problems

You Can use Epa Ijebu with original honey if the taste is too pungent for you. Only original honey! Not processed one.

True Ijebus such as me believe Epa Ijebu Cures over 200 Ailments, it is a fact.

But I can only reveal 27 as instructed by the Holy Healer Spirit.

While most Ijebus believe Epa Ijebu can act as a Stand-alone all rounder herbs. I believe and know that it is always more potent when mixed with other fruits, or roots.

1) Epa Ijebu Heals Asthma

Mix with honey and warm water to heal Asthma.

2) Epa Ijebu Heals Kidney Problems

Mix with Raw Quail egg and Honey to heal your kidney related problems.

3) Epa Ijebu prevents Cancer

Mix with guava leaves tea and honey and Apple Cider Vinegar.

4) Epa Ijebu Aids Weight loss

Mix with warm water daily.

5) Epa Ijebu As Pimples Remedy

Mix it with honey and ripe mashed pawpaw to have a smooth face. How To Have A Naturally Smooth And Soft Skin In 2 Weeks

6) Epa Ijebu For Fresh Breath

Lick It as instructed above. 17 ‘Health Benefits Of Raisins’ Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

7) Epa Ijebu as Stomach Ache Reliever.

Mix with warm water and tiny salt and drink.


8)Epa Ijebu as relief for Migraine and Headache

Mix it up with warm water and ginger. Then apply a finger tip on the crown of your head.

9) Epa Ijebu as A Cure For Diabetes Patient Wounds or Any Cut

Just mix with warm water and a pinch of salt and Honey. Drink and bathe the affected area until you heal.

10) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Any Gut Trouble

Simply m200 Health Benefits Of Original Epa Ijebu From Ijebu Ode ix with warm water, orange and honey then drink thrice a day.

11) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Dysentery

Mix Epa Ijebu with raw blended millet, wheat , corn add a little salt and drink it thrice a day until you heal.

12) Epa Ijebu as a Cure For Scorpion and Snake Bites

Use blade to cut open the affected area in a tiny bit. Then put Epa Ijebu on it with a little salt. Drink nearly
7 spoons of Healfastfruits Epa Ijebu and coconut water. Repeat it once daily until you get totally healed.

13) Epa Ijebu as A Relief for Cough

You can use Epa Ijebu to cure cough by mixing it up with palmoil and honey. Drink this everyday.


14) Epa Ijebu as a Relief For Piles and Worms In Belly

Mix it up with pap, and bitter leaf with tiny salt to eliminate piles.

15) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Chest Pain.

Epa Ijebu mixed orange leaves and boiled can cure chest pain. Drink this effective combo. Rub raw Epa Ijebu on your chest
as well.

16) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Convulsion

Add Epa Ijebu With Honey, Banana and little ginger powder to cure convulsion.

17) Epa Ijebu As A Cure For Sore Throat

Combine Epa Ijebu it with Apple Cider Vingegar or Lime and warm salt water , then drink back to back until you heal.

18) Epa Ijebu as Cure For Eyes Related Problems

Blend It with Carrot and Guava to heal your sight and restore your 2020 vision. 23 Health Benefits  Of Carrots Juice For Women,Children & Men

19) Epa Ijebu as cure for tooth ache.

Mix with warm water and salt then gargle around affected area twice a day. Apply Epa Ijebu to affected area it as well. Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves In Your Daily Life

20) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Post Pregnancy Belly Fat.

Epa Ijebu is highly effective for burning belly fat. Just mix it up with blended moringa leaves and honey. Drink with warm
water daily. Rub Epa Ijebu mix with honey on your belly every morning and night to remove the belly stretch marks.

21) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Quick Ejaculation In Men.

Mix Epa Ijebu with blended sugar cane and kolanut and drink it daily until you regain your bedroom confidence. 7 Home Remedy For Premature Ejaculation,Weak Erection and Low Sperm

22) Epa Ijebu as A Cure For Dull Brain And As Genius Boosting Herbs

Blend Epa Ijebu with Almond and Cashew nut then add honey. Use this every morning, noon and night for retentive memory,
sharp reflexes and top cognitive abilities.

23) Epa Ijebu As Penis Enlargement Herbs.

Add Epa Ijebu with Sugar cane juice and honey, then drink it daily and rub on your penis daily. Stop as soon as the
Size is big enough.

24) Epa Ijebu As Herbs For Speedy Hair Growth

Mix Epa Ijebu, with Cinammon Powder, Aloe Vera Juice and rub on your hair as a natural shampoo. Watch out for the magical

25) Epa Ijebu As Remedy For Nightmares

Drink at night with Raw Quail Egg, Honey mixture. Read Psalm 91 for more potent result.

26) Epa Ijebu As Remedy For Ear Related Problems

Use a little epa Ijebu in cotton bud and rub it on the affected ear until you heal.

27) Epa Ijebu As Cure For Over 173 more Ailments.

Well I’d be sinning against my heritage and God if I revealed the other health benefits of this our original
all round Herbs healing juice called Epa Ijebu. You can contact me to tell you how to use it for your condition.
It is my Premium Paid Service!!!


If you Think Garri Ijebu (Ijebu Cassava Flakes) Is all we have in Ijebu as Top Cash Export Product,now you have known the Summary of Epa Ijebu(Gbogonse) super multi health benefits.

And as you already probably know , Garri Ijebu has no competition. Same as Epa Ijebu. I just served quit notice to all herbal blogs worldwide. Watch out for Healfastfruits, you are not ready it is heavy. All to the Glory of God of my forefathers Abraham, Issac and Israel !!!

Where To Buy Original Epa Ijebu ? is the home of Original Epa Ijebu (Gbogbonse) Online,  and because I am from Ijebu Lineage(Maternal side)My dad left mum before I was born. Offline you will have to travel to Ijebu Ode and meet the ones who sell it. It is sold on for 2,000 naira , 5.19 US Dollars, and you can pay with bitcoins if you want to. (Note- You are responsible for the shipping and waybill cost)- Contact me for details.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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