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Olive As The Multipurpose Home Remedy

Olive Everlasting Health Benefits Aka “The Lord’s First Plant on Earth” can live for up to 1000 years, so can you- only if you tap into its immense health benefits .
The first earthly discovery of Olive was mentioned in May the first over 5000 years ago(Workers Day).  Discover how Olive fruit, its leaf, its oil, its wood will save you from many more pandemics. Corona Virus is not over yet, it is just emerging from its phase one stage.
Shits are about to hit the fan. It is better you prepare right now while you have this opportunity. I am not only a Journalist, Herbalist and SeerI am much more, I bring you the super cure in Olive today.

Olive Plant was the Pioneer Of ALL Health Giving Herbs, Roots, Seeds On Earth After The Flood

Olive As The Lord’s First Plant When Noah Saved Posterity 

According to the ‘Bible'( first book on Earth) -Genesis 8-11-13, told us of how a dove plucked olive leaf as the first plant to resurrect after flood. Check Old Dominion University For more amazing reference to Olive Oil Magical Potency.


Noah emerged out of the Ark on the first day of May. The only plant that endured the flood which wiped off 99.9% the human race was Olive. Or Olive was probably the first plant the Lord of Hosts planted after the flood water receded from Earth. Either answers are true. The salient fact is  “Olive leaf was first discovered after the flood“.


Most myopic folks see the flood as water. For your info it was known as Pandemic in those days. If it was water, then why did the fishes die? Think about this. Most people wonder where the Ark of Noah was – well it was in Africa. This is why the name Africa sounds like Ark. “Arkfrica”  According to Old Dominion University ” The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean region but most of its relatives are currently found in Africa.”   You think it is ordinary that Madagascar found Corona-virus Herbal Cure?


Olive Plant Lives For A Thousand Years And Above So Can I

Why Give A Hoot About This Olive Health Benefits Mystery?

You think I don’t have the cure for many more deadly diseases? Well if you do not believe me at least believe Jesus Christ by whose Holy Spirit I created this Healfastfruits on August 14 2020.  If you do not believe Jesus , at least believe his Bible that made reference to Olive 184 times after it was first mentioned.

If You don’t believe any of these, at least believe in God’s world calendar that is divided into 2 parts(BCC- Before Christ Came and ADRC – After Death and Resurrection of Christ.)


Africa Time is now again! Watch out. “Remember not the former things, behold I do a new thing” says the Lord Jesus ….. Remember how Olive was the first leaf in the new world that Noah emerged into. After the old world was destroyed. Now you are following.

Before I Begin….Here Is One Last Chance For You To Believe Me……

It goes like this…..1st Corinthians Chapter 1 vs 19-21
“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing…But to us who are being saved it is the power of God.’ ‘For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? ‘Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? ‘ ‘For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him. ‘God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.”
Olive Tree As Money Making Machine Tree

One Last Note Before I Begin To Blow Your Mind About Olive Oil Health Benefits

The above scripture is the Era we are in right now. Scientists, Pharmaceutical companies, and Top Eggheads are scratching their heads. “Covid-19 made the world a lock down modus-operandi exclusive”. No Medical practitioner saw this coming. Yes Bill Gate said something about it at a point. But the world did not do anything about it.

Bill was shown these things by my God who appreciates his Philanthropic acts towards Africa. God guide you more Gates. Here I am to make you see the health benefits of Olive. If this is foolishness to you then reread the above verse 21.


Now Let’s Begin


7+ Perfect Health And Wealth Benefits Of Olive Oil, Olive Leaf, Olive Plant, And Olive Roots, Olive Bark

Plant your olive today. And watch it sprout around May, and it never dies. So am I. Why do you think I was born on May 6th 83? *Giggles*


1) Olive Oil As Home Remedy For Every Skin Disorder And As Anti- Ageing

Olive Oil is perfectly useful for curing any skin disorder and can heal any scars. Olive Oil is a supreme cure for hyper-pigmentation. It is an effective face mask for anti-ageing when mixed with honey and applied. Pimples, Eczema all flee at the sight of Olive Oil. Add this wonder oil to your natural beauty regimen, and you will not regret this. You can use the oil to strengthen your hair and get wavy hair.


2) Olive Leaf, Roots, Olive Oil and Olive Bark As Anti- Cancer and As a Precaution Against Cancer

There are 2 things I know about Cancer Stories. The first is that the cure is known by some folks but due to the fear of stigmatization they keep it. Secondly , it is a multi-billion dollars industry and there are wicked men who benefit from Cancer Patients. That’s all I can say, I am a Journalist who fears no one, but the Holy Trinity and myself. Curing Cancer through Olive is easy.


How To Cure And Prevent Cancer With Olive Leaf, Roots, Olive Oil and Olive Bark

First Read James 5: 14 -15 Then pray, before beginning this process. Boil everything  Olive . The Root, the bark, the seed plant, and all should be soaked in a bucket of the hottest water and coconut water. Leave this for seven days and start drinking from the 7th day.Use Olive oil the purest one as your whole body cream while using this therapy. Repeat this process every new month for 6 months. Go do check up. You are free. Share the good news.


3) Olive Fruit as Cure For Sickle Cell Anemia

Truly Olive Fruit is Bitter. I did not mention that when I talked about the 77 fruits, roots, and herbs for your general well being. However as I always say “The Truth is a bitter pill,but it heals you from Within“. Get enough olive fruits and eat 3 daily and drink coconut water. First thing in the morning , then around 3pm in the afternoon, and last thing at night. Do this for 70 days non stop. Miss one and begin again. It is a prescription. You will see SS cells, AS cells turn AA with the mighty hands of Jehovah-Nissi.


4) Olive Leaf as Cure For Eye Related Problems

When you chew an Olive leaf you release the vision of the Angels into your eyes. You can even rub the leaf paste on your eyes while closed. The magical health benefits of Olive leaf beats my imagination. You can even set a blind man free with this. Chew 7 leaves daily with coconut water repeating these words of Isaiah 30 : 20 ” Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them.” ….Add this …(Dear Lord Jesus I want to see the Man Ibrahim A Musa,Your Apostle who gave me this tip with my own 2 eyes)  
When you are whole, fulfill your words please.

5) Olive Sticks As Cure Potential Cure For HIV/AIDS

What is AIDS? It Simply means ‘Ailing In devil’s Syndrome” 1 John 3 : 8 ( For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.)

AIDS is devil’s handiwork. Now let me aid(help) you to cure AIDS through Jesus’ hand using Olive Sticks. However do not go on sexual sin anymore after you get healed. Marry many wives if you can take care of them,treat them equal and love your children. But do not fornicate – I know why I said this. 

How To Cure AIDS With Olive Sticks

Soak Olive sticks in an Original Red wine(Alcoholic)  + Coconut Water for 21 days. And drink a cupful after 21 days repeating these words “I flog AIDS out of my body in Jesus Christ name, Because By Jesus Christ Stripes I am Healed Of Diseases that devil owns” Read psalm 103 every 3pm. Then repeat this process every new month for 6 Months(Make sure you do not have sex during this periods). Go check up and see how devil disease has fled your body.


6) How Olive Root Can Destroy Generational Spells In 77 Days

Get a fresh Olive Root and soak it in Coconut water for 31 days. Then begin drinking a spoon in the morning and night. Do this praying to the Lord himself who planted Olive in the new Earth. Set an alarm from the day you start drinking it for 47 days. Within those days you will get your desires from the Lord Messiah, but you will have to dedicate your whole lineages to God. Meaning never ever practice anything other than Christianity afterwards. Otherwise the Demons from the past will re-emerge.


7) Plant An Olive In Your Home For Peace, Prosperity And Longevity

Get a seed of Olive and plant it in a bowl , or in the ground and watch it grow. As your fame, money and success grow with it. This works for only true Christians. ‘Born-Again’ for that matter. You cannot deceive yourself. To see this miracle you have to say this “If any man be in Christ he is a New Creature , Old Things have passed Away, Behold All Things Are New” 2 Corinthians 5:17. Add this……”Lord Jesus Olive was your First Plant after the flood that wiped off the previous sinful generation, help me experience first of a kind successes in all I do starting from now as I plant this Olive in remembrance of your sovereignty”.


8) Bonus …..Olive Seed and Fruits As CURE For Barrenness And Sterility In Men And Women

“Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.” Psalm 128 : 3.
The above line is your own prayer if you are barren or without womb. First promise the lord to dedicate your first Child to him as a Priest. Then Every first Child from your generation should be dedicated to God after that order. Just as Hannah dedicated Samuel. Now here is the secret Olive seeds cure for barrenness and infertility . “Get 3 years old or above red wine. (Non Alcoholic)  Or Get Grapes or Pomegranate with Coconut water and blend it together with Olive Seed and fruit as a smoothie.’ ‘Drink first thing in the morning and last thing at night with your spouse for 3 days.’ ‘Do not fight or argue during these days otherwise you will have to begin again.’ ‘If possible do not go out.’ ‘ On the 3rd day night make love to your wife.’ ‘Read the above scripture together before you enter her. ‘Do this 12 more different times or days repeating the above process.” Congratulations!!!
Semi- Finally……..

This Is An Amazing Revelations About Olive Oil Health Benefits

The only questions on Angels and Children Mind can be found in Psalm 8. Written by Little David at 8 years old. Now I am part of the fulfillment of the word of Romans 8 :32He who did not spare his son,Jesus but delivered him up for us all , how shall he not with him freely give us all things” Including Health.
Finally See Who Cared Enough To Force Me To Reveal This Health Benefits Of Olive
In 3rd John 2 GOD boldly said “Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health as your soul prosper”…..And as my slogan here is from GOD’s Book  of Ezekiel 47 : 12  that clearly says …..“Their fruits are food, and their leaves as medicine’……for healing of the nations”.…… See you soon…
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Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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