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Health Benefits of Drinking Tea, And How To Use Old Tea Bags For Your Skin, Animals, And Soil

Tea Health Benefits is beyond what Chinese reveal. Aside from drinking Tea, did you know you can bathe with Tea water to heal fever? Has anyone ever revealed to you how Tea leaves applied as facial-mask can make your Skin Ageless? Tea as an exfoliating scrub for face is also not a too common knowledge.
Also see how Green tea leaves can be used as toothpaste because of its Antimicrobial packed properties. It can leave your teeth whiter than most toothpastes will.
Super Health Value Of Tea And The Multipurpose Uses Of Tea Bags

Find out The 53 Powerful Natural Health Benefits Of Tea, Uses of Tea Bags that Chinese won’t reveal to you.

Everything Is useful when it comes to Tea. From the moment you brew the Tea , to when you sip its flavor filled content. The tea bags should not be thrown away just yet, because it has its own numerous uses as well.

Here You Will Discover more about :

  • The 33 Perfect Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea Every Morning And Afternoon.
  • The 10 Top Ways To Use Teabags For Your Body.
  • The 10 Ways To Use Tea Bag Leaves For Home And Garden Maintenance.


How I discovered The Immense Benefits Since Over 15 Years Ago

My Curiosity About Tea began over 15 years ago. I had this super hot girlfriend who had lumps extracted from her breast.
It was a traumatic experience for Bisola who was always self conscious of the surgery scar on her breast.
She was depressed, and most times gloomy as a result of this experience.
I loved her and had to leave because she was inconsolable at that time. Missed her.
However one thing was “Bisola consumed numerous cups of tea daily.”
She told me it was her way of preventing a relapse of lumps, and breast cancer.
Bisola preferred tea to any other beverages because it has anti-cancer properties.
Although she took her tea with a lot of milk. This kept her looking beautiful and gorgeous, but it didn’t do much to douse the depression she felt then.
The above lady is an Angel. She gave me the first glimpse of the emotional turmoil within the mind of cancer patients or survivors.
I entered my ‘Diamonds Lab HQ’ to discover these 53 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tea and Uses Of Tea bag.  
If the below tea Article makes your so amazed. Then wait until you see my other awesome Health Giving, Longer Life Boosting and General Well-being Natural Home Remedies.
Daily Consumption Of Tea Is Linked To Longevity Among The Chinese People And Here Is Why

The Tea Consuming Chinese Secrets For Living Longer, Healthier,  And Smarter

The average Chinese person consumes over 9 cups of tea. Therefore I totally disagree with this ‘The Economist” post that said Chinese are now beginning to embrace coffee

I totally agree with this post by New Atlas on : “How a study shows Chinese to live healthier , with low stroke chance and less heart diseases because of Green Tea.”

Will Tea make you live longer? Yes, but only if you consume as much as Chinese. And if you drink it the way a Chinese man will.
Why deceive yourself by steeping your tea with 7 spoons of Sugar.
And you think you’d escape high blood pressure that way? You’re better off with your coffee buddy.
And here are few of the damages Coffee cause…Or let me say….

Here’s A List of Coffee Vs Tea Health Difference Making Potentials

  • Drinking Tea leaves you hydrated. Coffee leaves you dehydrated.
  • Consuming Tea makes you relaxed and focused. But Coffee makes you jittery. Makes you behave like a Parkinson’s disease patient when the high is over.
  • Tea has antioxidants, anti obesity and anti ageing. While Coffee will make you look aged , it will cause obesity (too creamy, sugary).
  • Coffee keeps you dependent on more cup of coffee to stay focused, alert.
  • Withdrawing from coffee makes you like a cocaine consumer.
  •  On the other hand tea is milder , there are varieties to make you feel relaxed. Some others to make you feel energetic.

Children’s Brain And Immunity Boosting Fruits-Age:3 Month-12 Years Old

  • All Tea bags are highly recyclable and its waste can be used for your home and body.
  • As for coffee you pour 3 spoons , steam , drink and that’s all you get.

7 Brain Boosting Nuts And Fruits That Unlock The Genius In You

  • While ” Dr John Weisburger drinks 8 cups of tea a day. He specifies them to be green tea. The President Emeritus for Research of American Health Foundation is now 90 years of age….He still drinks his 8 cups of tea daily“.

3 Plants That Eliminates Bad Breath And Tooth Ache Within 3 Minutes

  • Coffee gives you bad breath because it naturally dries your tongue causing bacteria to take their foul odor space in your mouth.
  • Drinking Tea is like drinking one of the best Natural Chlorophyll your mouth needs to stay fresher all day.


How A Scientist Accidentally Discovered Tea Medicinal Health Benefits in (2737 BC)Similar To How An Apple Made Issac Newton Learn About Gravity

Issac Newton Aha moment came when an apple fell on his head to knock him into “The Law of Gravity”
In a near similar way to Newton, ” Emperor Shen Nong of China , a versatile ruler and scientist stumbled upon the discovery of Tea.
In 2737 BC a leaf from an overhanging wild tree leaf drifted into the Emperor’s cup of hot water.
Emperor Shen was thrilled by the taste of this tea moment of infusion. Naturally he went further to research tea plants.
Then with proofs he brewed the “Aha Moment of Tea Many Medicinal Properties And Health Benefits“.

How My Discovery of Many More Tea Health Benefits And Multipurpose Recyclable Uses Came By Over 15 Years Of Personal Experiments, Researches 

Today I ‘ Emperor Afo Diamond’ bring you ” the 53 supremely unique properties in Tea Bags”. I won’t refer to my history of Herbs, Roots and Leaves Knowledge here. Oh I just did that. How will these super lists of 77 Fruits,herbs and Roots For Your general well-being be complete without the mention of Tea?
I have never met a person who consumes as much tea as I do. Especially since over 15 years ago when I met Bisola the strong survivor.
I love tea so much that my uncle’s girlfriend once asked me ” Why are you drinking hot tea this afternoon?”.
One day a younger brother of mine asked ” Bro you finished the whole tea already ?” The shock on his face is enough to tell you how much bags I consumed in less than 5 days.
As I write this , I’m taking my 2nd full kettle. 1 more Kettle to go. Each kettle has over 5 cups in it. The time is 3 : 53 am. I’ve been awake all night this time.
I don’t joke with this Healthy drink . And for over 15 years I’ve learned and uncovered a lot about tea. From practical use, plus my inherited knowledge.
Chinese Women Beauty And Strength Can Be Linked To Drinking Tea On A Daily Basis

The 33 Perfect Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea Every Morning And Afternoon And Evening

Note : Black tea is more concentrated than the green or white tea. So the below tips are based on green tea. Although I consume black tea because of my high volume productivity that demands I stay up longer and sleep less.

What Drinking Tea does for your Health And General Well-Being

1) Tea Keeps You Sharp Minded
2) Mix Tea with lime to burn belly fat in 7 weeks without hitting the gym.
3) Lemon and Tea will treat common colds and flu within 7 days.
4) Unripe Pineapples Peel with Tea will keep you fever free.
5) Bitter Kola and Tea will serve as anti food poisoning and as a cure for any food allergy reaction.
6) Hibiscus Flowers and Tea will help cleanse your blood from impurities.
7) Garlic steeped in tea and brewed is an effective cure for any Venereal Diseases, and viral infection.
8) Boost your brain and improve your memory with Honey and Tea.
9) Moringa Leaves and Tea will aid a better sleep at night.
10) Apple steeped in hot tea boosts your mood, helps you overcome depression and mood swings.
11)  Coconut Water added to tea can give you the necessary recovery energy after strenuous work.

Tea As Your Medicine And Health Boosting Natural Treatment For Health Related Problems

1) Carrots diced as sugar in tea can really help you maintain a great Vision and eradicate eye related problems.
2) Sugar Cane diced in tea can aid in relieving high blood pressure and prevent heart related problems.
3) Guava fruits and Tea will help you overcome dental related problems if you drink it and gargle with it a lot.
4) Fight cancer with Tea and Dates with olive mixture. It is ideal for those with the history of cancer.
5) Burn excess cholesterol with Tea and apple cider vinegar mixture.
6) Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom and sweet pineapples will wipe out body odor without delay.
7) Moringa Seeds, plus mango Leaves steeped in tea can be used to cure toilet infection in women.
8) Kiwi Fruits, Bitter leaf and Tea can aid in preventing and overcoming menstrual pain.
9) Tea and guava Leaves mix can relieve toothache and cure any oral health problem.
10) Pomegranate and Avocado blend with tea water or leaves can aid in quick conception in women.
11) Raw Pawpaw and Tea can relieve any stomach trouble.

How Tea Can Give You The Radiant And Ageless Look

1) Soak Cucumber In Tea and drink it always to look younger than your age.
2) Ripe Pawpaw and Tea drink give you a glowing complexion.
3) Mango and Tea will help you stay well toned.
4) Raisins and Tea combo will give you Healthy nails, bones and teeth.
5) Almonds nuts steeped into a brewed tea, with an olive drink will make your skin softer .
6) Watermelon diced in Tea will help your hair follicle and give it body and Sheen.
7) Sweet Yoghurt and Tea help you get a natural curvy shape and makes you look Ageless.
8) Tigernuts Blend with tea can help boost sperm count for men.
9) Aloe Vera and tea combo drink and bathe can eliminate skin diseases.
10) Green Tea and Banana mash combo drink will give you a lovely and nice skin complexion.
11) Soursop and Green Tea combo will heal cancer, fight deadly diseases and enhance your health.
Happy family drinking tea together to stay healthier, live longer and enjoy general well-being

The 10 Top Ways To Use Old Teabags For Your Skin.

1) The content of used tea bags can be mixed with Aloe Vera for Shampoo. This is an effective anti- dandruffs, anti-lice and helps you get coiled hair.
2) Used tea bags mixed with over ripe Pawpaw can be used as an exfoliating scrub for your face. It cleanses your skin naturally and gives you that radiant glow.
3) Olive oil and used tea bags can be used to strengthen your nail. And make your hands soft. Soak your hands in warm water with tea bags content and olive oil mix.
4) Tea bags content and coconut oil can be mixed with olive oil and used as body cream. This will make you look Ageless and beautiful.
5) Cinnamon powder, raw egg, and tea bag content mixed together can be used to clear skin impurities. Such as Eczema, Pimples and rashes .
6) Bitter leaves mashed with tea bags can be used to wash your teeth and get fresher breath all day.
7) The Tea bags and carrots blended with olive oil can be used to treat black knuckles and black heads and black knee caps. Just rub on the spot before bathing always.
8) Cucumber mixed with teabags content and mint leaf can cure hangover when sniffed. You can also drink a bit of this to heal dizziness.
9) Much used Teabags content can be preboiled with Pawpaw leaf, Lemon grass and Unripe Pawpaw, Unripe Pineapples. And used to bathe. For a person with high fever, concussion, Epileptic seizures. You must drink this as well.
10) Used Teabags can be placed in the freezer to freeze , and placed on your forehead. To heal anxiety, stress, headaches and make you feel relaxed.

The 10 Ways To Use Old Tea Bag Leaves For Home And Garden Maintenance.

1) Add Used Tea Bags, with egg shells to the soil as manure for making any seed to grow anywhere.
2) Used Tea bags will instantly soak up the odor in a freezer or fridge. Leave all your used Teabags there.
3) The content in used Teabags will help you clean your home floor when preboiled and used to mop the floors. It eliminates odor naturally.
4) You can mix used tea bags content with the feed for your Live stocks. Just add some to their food as a Natural immune booster for the animals.
5) Soak used tea bags in hot water overnight and use the cool water to wet your Garden.
6) Dry used Tea bags and put it in your shoes to prevent odor or creeping insects from entering into the shoes.
7) Get used Teabags in hot water with olive oil and soak overnight. Then use the water to wash your dogs. It soothes their skin, renews their hair and it eliminates lice.
8) Get oranges peels, lime peels, and have them dried with tea bags and used as insect repellents. You can also boil this mix and put it in a bottle as an insect repellent.
9) Cinnamon powder, Tea bags remnants, and Lemon zest can be burnt as good luck attracting incense. The evil energies hate this. Try to do the Date palm leaf therapy with this for faster results.
10) Moringa Leaves, Guava Leaves and Tea bags can be dried and placed in an open vase as an aromatherapy to ward off illness energy.
Finally I like to say Tea has done so much good for my general well-being. I call Tea ” True Excellence Activator . To me it holds the fact. Tea is one of my favorite green plants from God.

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