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How To Recycle The Waste of These 7 Fruits For Your Health Benefits And Home Care Uses

Many people eat fruits and throw away their seeds or peels, that is so wrong. Everything in a fruit from seeds, to peels is useful for consumption, home uses and for your health benefits. For example some people eat the sweet red inner part of water melon and spit out the seeds, then they throw away the green back. Did you know the seeds of watermelon can boost your brain power? While the green part of watermelon can be blended and used to aid weight loss, treat malaria and yeast infections among women. Learn About 7 other plants shafts and seeds which you throwaway, but are really useful for your health and home.


Now Let’s Begin 


7 Fruits Waste You Can Recycle To Use for Your Health Benefits And Home Care

Green Tea Bags

Teabags are filled with tea leaves, so that technically makes it a plant and fruits come from plants. The used Tea Bags can be recycled and used for so many things among which are :

A) For Removing Stress Eye Bags : Put the used teabags and use place it on your closed eyes for 5 minutes everyday to clear eyebags. I wrote about many more benefits of tea and teabags in this particular.
B) Used Tea Bags For Ear Ache : Squeeze the juice of teabag into your ears to stop aches.
C) Relieve Tooth Ache With Used Tea Bags : Place the used tea bag on the affected area of your mouth and compress a bit. Do not mind if the content spill out, does that matter. Check out 53 other home remedies of tea bags.

3 Recyclable Uses Of Tea Bags

Orange, Lime, Lemon And Grapefruits peel

A) Dry and burn as incense to repel crawling and flying insects such as mosquitoes, roaches and bugs.
B) Soak the peels in a little hot water and allow to get warm, then sniff it to heal blocked nose and alleviate catarrh.
C) Massage Therapy : Crush the dry peels and mix it water and place in freezer. Place the iced blocks in a cloth and use to massage the affected part of your body.

Orange Peels recyclable uses


Pineapples Peels

A) Boil the used pineapple peels to treat malaria and high fever. Drink and bathe with this effective herbs.
B) Blend the pineapple shaft and sprinkle the water around your home as an effective air fresher and mosquito repellant. This is also an effective herbal mixture that cures a lot of infections.
C) Add ginger and pineapple shaft to a kettle and boil to make tea. The 7 Pineapples Top Secret Health Benefits That No One Talks About

Pineapple peels recyclable uses

Cedar Of Lebanon Fir Leaves(Christmas Tree)

A) Boil this plant and bathe with it to remove every unpleasant energies from your life.
B ) Spread the shaft of boiled Cedar plants as manure around your plants and flowers for rapid growth.
C) Spread Cedar plants around your home to invite prosperity. (Psalm 92)

Moringa, Fir leaves, Dates Tea As Effective Home Remedy For Depression


Dates Seeds

A) Boil the seeds and drink the water for your general wellbeing.
B) Blend the boiled seeds and mix with honey, drink everyday for sharper brain.
C) Mix blended dates seeds powder with your Olive oil to prevent sunburn and get radiant skin.

Dates Seeds recyclable uses

Moringa Leaves

A) Dry the moringa leaves and blend to powder as an effective face mask to cure pimples, eczema and blackheads.
B) Use moringa powder as condiments for your food to get a general state of wellbeing.
C) Honey and Moringa Powder mix can be used to remove black spots and black knuckles.

recyclable uses of moringa leaves

Papaya Peels

A) Dry It and blend it as an effective detoxification herbs. Just add a tablespoon to a cup of water and drink once every weekend.
B) Drink blended papaya peels to expel fever , piles and prevent intestinal problems.
C) Use blended papaya peel on your face to maintain your skin tone , eliminate skin impurities and get a radiant ageless glow.

recyclable uses of pawpaw peels

Go forward and try the above tips, have a wonderful week ahead.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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