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Sugar Cane As The Naturally Sweet Remedy For Many Body, Health and Mental Conditions

Sugar cane grows anywhere in Nigeria but the Hausa’s take this juicy stick so seriously and the evidence shows in their
energy levels, and their undeniable strength. I was born in the northern part of Nigeria so I am well versed in the secrets of Hausas and sugar cane, I also know about their ‘Kayanmata’.


Hausa Traditionally Well Kept Secret Of Longevity, Strength and Great Reproductivity Traced To Sugar Cane

Will you find prostate Cancer in a Hausa man who eats sugar cane? No. Ask Sugarcane How come the Hausa’s homeless ones(‘Almajiris’) survive the harsh weather, water and environmental conditions.


Will you not ask sugarcane how an Hausa Truck wheel pusher will work tirelessly under all weather conditions for 16 hours? Why are Hausa pregnant women asked to chew sugar cane a lot during pregnancy?

Is it not evident through how they give birth under any condition without the comfort of Hospitals. The first ‘Kayanmata’ (Sex Sweetener) of an Hausa woman is Sugar cane. The Hausa Male have the kind of male organs that make Women drool.

Lady Eating Sugarcane for its health benefits

Sugar cane says it all when it comes to how the Hausa’s are never ending, forever multiplying and highly energetic folks.

Darn it, Even Buhari Mohammed the Ageless President of Nigeria won’t share these Sugar cane secrets with you.

Let me blow your mind, did you know why Hausa’s stay in power always with iron clad tenacity of ‘Perceived Destiny’?
That secret is in … and somethings I Know because my name also bear witness I know them like my

Sugar cane the secret of Hausa Super Human Strength

Some Funny facts about Hausa’s Fetish For Sugar cane

There was once a myth about how one Hausa warrior refused to die until sugar cane, the secret of his immortality, power and strength was hidden from him.

The secret to Hausa’s sexual prowess in sugar cane. The Hausas so love the Health giving, immune boosting fruit that they made a condiment ‘Ajinomoto’ out of it.

Happy independence day Nigeria, I believe in one Nigeria– I know the best of our 3 cultures that when you see me, you won’t know if I am Hausa, Ibo or Yoruba. Probably because I am well travelled and I also have the Jew blood in me.
I am not here to say my heritage in herbs, I am just here to talk about 7 Sugarcane health benefits. Shikena!!!

Before I Begin….

7 Top ways to add sugar cane as a Flavor with your Meal and Drink

1) Add Sugar cane cube or blend to your tea to ditch artificial sugar.

2) Its cubes can replace all the sugar and artificial flavors you use for ‘Zobo’ (Hibiscus drink)

3) Insert cubes of sugar cane into 5 liters of water to enjoy the daily dietary required amount of water you need.

4) Boil it in a cocoyam tuber or with unripe plantain and keep diabetes away.(Drink the water ,eat the content)

5) What is puddling with sugar when you can add the natural and health giving sugarcane?

6) Sweet tooth’s Children can be given its juice and this will replace chemically packed carbonated drinks.Children’s Brain And Immunity Boosting Fruits-Age:3 Month-12 Years Old

7) The water in it can serve as a temporary drip to a sick person, and wellness is guaranteed.


Is Sugarcane safe for All?

Who Are Those Who Can Eat Sugarcane

It is absolutely safe for the family from babies to breastfeeding mothers to aged grandparents, daddy needs
this secret of sexual wellness too.

A) Children from foetus to any age.

B) The Sick

c) The Aged Ones

d) Women

e) Men …(Winks , look below my waist to see why even boxers rebel against my…,I won’t say
the rest I am fasting for Nigeria )

Now let’s begin

sugar cane super health benefits
7 Super Health Benefits Of Sugar Cane For Energy And General Wellness

1) Cure For Depression.

Drink this daily with Guava leaves and at Night with Moringa Leaves. Simple.

2) As Sex Sweetener In Women And As Fertility Booster.

Mix sugar cane with pineapples and restore your bedroom tigress prowess. Mix it with Olive and Locust blend, and yam to restore your fertility.7 Home Remedy For Sweeter Sex in Women, Vagina Tightening & Squirting

3) For Men .

I sight that man who groaned when I said I won’t mention the secret of how it enlarges male reproductive organ naturally. Chew this sweet cane every day and end your regret on how you were created with peanut. 7 Home Remedy For Premature Ejaculation,Weak Erection and Low Sperm

4) As Brain Booster For Children

Before you born a child drink its juice and these other secrets I shared for free here. It is essential for children to consume it daily, it boosts their memory, gives them healthy adrenaline and keeps them sickness free. Children’s Brain And Immunity Boosting Fruits-Age:3 Month-12 Years Old

5) Pump your Breast Naturally With Sugar Cane

Can’t you see that the Hausa women are naturally endowed? The Fulani’s look like Angels. Darn I miss the North side of
Nigeria. Do Not buy the stupid negative media hype Hausa’s are good folks. The ones committing the crimes are foreigners,
I am that sure because I am a journalist. Add sugar cane to yoghurt and watermelon blend to make your breasts and butts fuller, and to look so beautiful.

6) Mix It With Hausa Yaagi for Good Heart Health(I will soon talk about this)

I see stupid myopic scientists claim Ajinomoto damages the liver, blah blah. Lies from hell, because of this condiment.
The raw material is sugar cane. The Hausas were living longer on dawadawa ( Locust beans) and Sugar cane condiment,
ajinomoto before the negative media hype tarnished it. I am yet to taste the meal that beat this 2 combo for good

7) Wow Benefits of Sugar Cane For Your Face


Use Sugarcane facemask with olive and carrot as a face mask and you’d look 25 when 52 years old. These combos will eliminate dead cells, cleanse your skin pores, and eliminate skin impurities. 6 Skin Beautifying Fruits That Revives Your Sweet 16 looks – For Women


The sellers of this fruit can walk round a whole state hawking these secrets under all weather conditions, and I will see ignorant folks buy carbonated drinks. No wonder Wisdom in proverbs says “She stands in street corners, telling men to drink from her fountain”. Now you know why the Hausa’s are indomitable. Don’t divide Nigeria otherwise we will miss these super honest and likeable folks, who contribute to our socio-economic development. Did you know sugar cane shaft is a potent manure?


Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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