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How To Avoid Fatigue And Flu  In December 2020 and Beyond, Because It Could Lead To A Covid-19 Relapse

Fatigue means Flu! If you don’t believe it, think back to the most recent Covid-19 pandemic which started like flu. It is said the highest rate of flu and fatigue is always in December- February. Was it a surprise that Covid-19 began on 31st December 2019?

Worldometers record of worldwide Covid-19 cases is 46,810,3751,205,206 Deaths – 11,850,938, currently infected patients – 33,754,231 recovery cases.

It is no coincidence that the most common symptoms of Covid-19 are Dry Cough(Flu) , Fatigue, and Fever.

According to CDC Gov research Flu rise to its highest peak between December and February. If this be the case then you need to take precautions against the Covid-19 Symptoms .

It is in the season between December – February that most people develop headaches, utter exhaustion and flu. Some Experience nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Others suffer tightness in the chest or even Pneumonia.

Flu related viruses are no respecter of person or position. Even President Donald Trump recently just recovered from Covid-19.

The only explanation for his illness was probably as a result of fatigue from preparation for US general election which takes place tomorrow November 3rd.

8 Common Coronavirus Symptoms Which Occur In December- February

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Body Aches
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Runny/Stuffy Nose
  • Vomiting

8 Common Coronavirus Symptoms Which Occur In December- February

Fatigue And Flu Season Is At Hand Between December 2020  – February 2021 (Covid-19 phase 2 Might be lurking)

Take Cue From The Fatigue And Flu Like Entrance of Covid-19 on December 31 2019.

The world had just come through a series of pre and post merry Christmas celebrations in 2019. First there was Christmas, with all the pre-Christmas shopping, long hours in town and end of year parties. And once Christmas was over there was a series of holiday parties and social events. Then on 2019 December 31(New Year Eve) WHO revealed the news of a Coronavirus pandemic in China

The flu and fatigue illness called Covid-19 took the world by surprise as a lot of people’s immunity was unprepared.

Remember how one of the above reports revealed a lot of people fall ill to flu and fatigue every December- February? 

In a nutshell pre and post Christmas binge partying and social gathering might expose a person to susceptibility of Covid-19. Yes it is nice to enjoy a Merry Christmas, but not at the expense of your immunity through excess Alcohol, binge partying, smoking and debauchery.

Covid-19 probably was the Lord’s sign of saying “Celebrate me with humility, love and moderation”.

USA As Potential Danger Zone For Coronavirus Due To General Election Breech In Social Distancing

USA must practice social distancing in the November 3rd General election, to prevent a relapse of Coronavirus.

It is important to know that there will be a binge celebration in the USA after the General Election such as : Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Pre-Christmas shopping spree, Christmas parties, Inauguration celebration and Valentine’s day. All these events will take place between November 2020 – February 2021 , and the mental, physical exhaustion from the above events could lead to decline in the immune system. This might be an open invitation to a general relapse of Covid-19 if care is not taken.

When Flu  Strikes Coronavirus Could Precede It In December 2020 -2021

Common cold, a virus similar to the flu , is known to strike when a person is tired and burnt out. This is a result of a decline in immunity. Interestingly enough, more colds start on Mondays than any other day of the week. The reason : too much weekend celebrating. Loss of sleep on Saturday night, heavy meals on Sundays.

Christmas is on Friday 25th December 2020 , and as you know it could be a long weekend of over indulgence in binge eating, debauchery, sleeplessness. Then you will have to enjoy the boxing day holiday on Monday 28th 2020, and rush to work probably on Tuesday 29th. This is when the immune system drop drastically and people contract flu, common cold and other corona virus symptoms.

According to Statista 20- 30 million Americans develop flu every year between December-January.

If the USA population is 331 million people and an average of 10% get Flu in Wintertime do the math. Women have more colds than men, but it takes a man two days longer to get over one. A cold usually lasts 15 days. If there’s no illness as common as the common cold, then it is ideal to take uncommon precautionary measures.

How To Defend Yourself Against Covid-19 Symptoms In December 2020 – 2021

1) Fatigue Means Flu : Avoid getting too tired and burnout during the Christmas and holidays season.


2) Do not overwork during the Holidays season as if trying to make up for lost months. Take a midday walk , rest and do not sit on a spot for too long.


3) Eat well balanced diets, fruits and drink lots of Healthy fluids such as water, smoothies and Yoghurts.

What healthy family eat together

4) Do not feel emotionally stressed and avoid psychosomatic illness at all cost.

psychosomatic disorders

5) Guava Leaves tea, Carrots , Raisins and Moringa provides great Vitamin C health benefits against flu for the whole family.

Evergreen Health tips

6) Avoid Spending to Keep up with Kardashians.In the past people tried to keep up with the Joneses, today is different. Why try to spend all it took 11 months to earn in a single season only to end up depressed and sober? Poor and impulsive spending habits can result in fear which leads to stress and Fatigue.


7) Exercise your body to develop resistance against sickness. Aerobics and workouts are a sure natural ways to help build your body resistance against common Illnesses and diseases.

The law of Good Health Is Like The Law Of Attraction, Keep It and Live, Ignore It and Die

The law of Good Health Is Like The Law Of Attraction, Keep It and Live, Ignore It and Die. No middle ground, you either in or out.

Next time I’d talk about how to keep your heart healthy as the new year approaches.


Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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