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Boiled Lemon Grass And Pineapples Mix Secret Health Benefits

Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples are super delicious tea, but also filled with super amazing health benefits for your Skin, heart and Blood.

Before the Malaria drugs penetrated into Africa, we had our own fastest cure for Malaria in Boiled Lemon Grass, pineapples and some other fruits combo.

Sometimes people see me as a controversial man who is advocating for only alternative health care. I am a full fledged member of Longrich a Beauty and Pharmaceuticals manufacturing company which has been in existence since 1986. Longrich makes use of only plants, herbs, roots , and animal placentas for their products .My investigative Journalistic and inherited herbal knowledge gave me the ability to investigate and test them. My findings was this : Apart from Longrich , no other pharmaceutical company comes close.

My 8 Elixir to Life Herbal Combo Fresh from a 2hours boiling

My 8 Elixir to Life Herbal Combo Fresh from a 2hours boiling

The Effective Ways Of Using Boiled Lemon Grass And Pineapples

I’m here to talk about the 7 Secret Health Benefits Of Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples.

By the way did you know that the shafts of all fruits and herbs are useful? Check out info about the immense benefits of Fruits , Herbs and roots shafts.

Before I Begin….Note…. The 7 Pineapples Top Secret Health Benefits That No One Talks About

The Pineapple must be Ripe. Use The Peel, The inner part, the crown and everything about the Pineapple. Make Sure you do yourself a sweet favor…Do not throw the shaft as waste. You can re-boil the shafts and bathe with the water, it has spiritual cleansing benefits.

Now let’s begin…. 

7 Secret Health Benefits Of Boiled Lemon Grass And Pineapples .

1) Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples are very useful for treating typhoid and Malaria fever.

Simply boil this combo in a pot for 30 minutes and sift the shaft out. Drink it as tea throughout the day.

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass And Pineapples

2) Antimicrobial and Anti-cancer

Drink boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples tea at least 3 times weekly to cure and eliminate every virus and cure or prevent cancer.

3) Kidney stones dissolving and Liver Health Benefits

I sound like a broken record saying Ezekiel 47:12 , “Their fruits are food, and their leaves as medicine”….I inherited over 9 million content secrets of Roots, herbs, fruits for diseases, human body and for longevity….Noah, my forefather, was Told by God “Just as I gave you the Green herbs , now I also give you everything”. He lived for over 900 years.

Drink Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples daily until all the trace of liver and kidney stones get eliminated. I dedicate this particular secret to my darling new friend  “TC” who lost her mum to Kidney failure many years ago. I wish I had met you then, May your mum rest in the bosom of the Lord as you fulfill all her Best Attributes in Earth.

Natural Health Benefits Of Boiled Lemon Grass And Pineapples

4) Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples as natural anti ageing drinks.

Jay-Z sang forever young…You better believe it. “Some of you standing here will not taste death until I return”- Jesus Christ. Drinking boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples is a sure way to pause your age and look external. Keep your body and look glowing naturally with this drink and you’d find yourself ditching all your chemical substances.

5) Vagina sweeter & reproductive organ diseases curing drink

This combo of Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples will instantly flush away vagina thrush, quickly eliminate vagina diseases and make your vagina sweeter for any man.

Drink this on a daily basis as a woman, and keep your man adoring you from bedroom to boardroom.

6) Brain Boosting and Eye Problems curing boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples drink.

Your eyes are in your brain. Clear off every impurities that affects your eyes, brain and body by drinking this tea on a daily basis. You can make your brain sharper and your eyes clearer drinking this delicious combo on a daily basis. The results are astronomical.

7) Prostate Cancer Eliminating and Preventing Drink

I see no day when I’d fall ill in this mother Earth. Even if I lived till 2000 years of age, I’d get younger as the day goes by and be the Healthiest and fittest one around. I’m the one who laughs at Death and watches it cower in fright away from me. Fire Accident couldn’t kill me in 2014, As a teen 7 suicide attempts proved abortive …..Mum took those substance to abort me, but I couldn’t not be aborted …I’m in the zone of God. Now listen to me , aside from Longrich I respect no other pharmaceutical company on Earth. Now I own Longrich as a behind the scene person there. I have a cure for prostate cancer in their products, drink this combo of Boiled Lemon Grass and Pineapples with the Longrich Product and you’d be whole.

If you have any questions or urgent request for curing any ailments under the sun with any name, reach out to me via my WhatsApp, or send me a mail. There is a cure for everything, God is good enough for you, he has the secrets and I know it all.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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