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Scent Leaf Health Benefits For Your Health And General Well-being

Scent Leaf Health Benefits outweigh the condiment value and its aromatherapy uses. Some people burn dried scent Leaf for its mood enhancing aroma. Others use it as an all effective mosquito repellent, while some sniff it just to relieve stress.

Scent Leaf famous Health Benefits include breath freshener , breast milk booster , liver repairer, and Anti-cancer among many other amazing Health Benefits.

However there are some secret Health Benefits of Scent Leaf that no one else mentions. You’re right, I’m here to reveal these things to you.

Some Basic Facts About Scent Leaf Worth Noting

1) It is better eaten raw than cooked. Most people cook it, but the supreme health benefits are lost with so much heat.

2) Boil scent Leaf as Tea and drink it every morning.

3) Scent Leaf can be dried and blended to powdery form and added to baby food. Just a tiny finger tip of Scent Leaf in your baby milk every other day will strengthen the chap immune system.(From 3 months upwards)

4) You can blend Scent Leaf as an effective facemask to cleanse your face from sunburn, pimples, rashes , Eczema and have a clear, supple radiant skin glow.

5) Boost your hair growth and nourish your scalp with Scent Leaf. How Aloe Vera Can Give You Longer Wavy Hair in 7 Days

scent leaf secret health benefits

7 Secret Health Benefits Of Scent Leaf Worth Trying

1) Scent Leaf as Home Remedy for Kidney Diseases and Failure.

Blend Scent Leaf and mix with Quail Eggs, drink every time to restore your Kidney Health, dissolve kidney stones and for General Well-being.

2) Fertility and Libido Boosting Benefits of Scent Leaf.

Scent Leaf, blended with sweet potatoes, pineapples, dates and sour yoghurt will help you stay active in the bedroom. You will find your sperm boosted by this awesome combo. As a lady this will help you enjoy sex more and keep you lubricated. Longrich Vintage Libido Boosting Liquor

3) Breast Firming Nature of Scent Leaf.

As you already know, scent leaves boost the breast milk flow in lactating women. Did you know this amazing herb can also help increase the breast size? But you will have to mix scent Leaf with sweet Yoghurt, Quail Eggs, Moringa powder to have your breast firm, supple and bigger.

4) Cure STD’s , Toilet Infections, with Scent Leaf.

This herb is one of the few ones with strong Antimicrobial, Antifungal, and many more Health boosting properties. Get Palmwine , Scent Leaf and bitter kola , into a container. Soak for 3 days and drink daily until you see all traces of the diseases gone.

5) Scent Leaf as a potent remedy for  Prostate Cancer

You should mix Moringa Leaves, Guava Leaves, Quail eggs, papaya, carrots and yoghurt as a blend for curing Prostate Cancer. Drink this blend every morning, and evening until you get totally cured.

6) Effective Weight Loss Remedy

Wondermeal and Scent Leaf are the effective smoothies for a healthy weight loss. I’ve always said that weight loss should be painless, stressless and simple. Blend a whole lot of Scent Leaf and mix with WonderMeal as your proper Healthy weight loss diet. You won’t feel hungry, you won’t rush in and out of the toilet, it is the best weight loss combo I know.

7) Brain Boosting Herbs found in Scent leaf

Scent leaf naturally increase endorphins(Feel good cells) in your brain. It also boosts your brain cells in a very wonderful way. Mix Scent Leaf, with Cashew nuts, apples , and sour yoghurt and blend . Drink daily until you unlock the Genius in you.

Finally among the 27 secret benefits of Scent Leaf I know, these are some above. You cannot go wrong with this herb, and always keep a little in your wallet for good luck .

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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