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How To Completely Recover From 3rd Degree Fire Burn Within 3 Months(3rd Degree Fire Burn Healing Secrets)

3rd Degree Fire Burn can heal within 3 months or less when you consume the Fruits I will mention in this revealing article. There is also a very cheap soothing ointment that you can also use to heal radically from fire burn.

When most people think skin repair after a fire burns , they immediately picture honey and sheabutter. Not that these Natural things don’t work, but with a lot of fake honey and sheabutter these days, you don’t want to risk your skin using these things.

Has anyone also ever told you of the burning sensation you feel when you apply honey on a broken skin layer? As for sheabutter the greasiness will make you nearly puke because your body badly burned emits fluid, so picture sheabutter and your body fluid.

A Day after my fire accident pics

A Day after my fire accident pics(Mother inset-sad )

My Experience With Fire Burn And The Deadly Pain

It is one thing to be a victim of a fire accident, it is another thing to be one in Nigeria. This country where a doctor will look you in the eyes and tell you , there’s no chance in hell you’d survive this accident.

A country where the doctor will rather see you deposit money than to give you first aid Treatment to douse your pain.

It was on a Monday of April 28 2014, I had a generator on (The electricity in Abuja then was shit), and next thing was fire. Eminem said “Disaster happens faster than you can react to it”. Sure that’s true.

I found myself running through fire , screaming in pain, and my body was ablaze. Thank God I found a bucket of soapy water which I poured on my body in the corridor towards the gate. Then people gathered and I found rescuers yelling different first aid instructions on top of their lungs. While others scurry around trying to salvage the property, Gwagwalada, Old Kutunku road Abuja(Around Winners Chapel).

The Pain Pang of 3rd Degree Burn In Details

My brain had already processed the shock and my body began to feel the deadly pains. I felt I was on fire all over again. The thirst was unquenchable. I demanded water , then the first tip on what not to give a fire Accident victim came up. “Do not give a fire Accident victim water, it will kill him or her instantly”. My Rescuers gave me milk instead of water. They poured eggs all over my body, probably to relieve the pain.

A good Samaritan woman gave my Rescuers the sum of 10,000 naira to take me to St Mary’s Hospital in Gwagwalada. Till date no one knows who this woman was, but I owe her my life. She is the reason why my Philanthropy acts are crazy these days, One of the reasons why my Ex Wife left me is for my insane acts of philanthropy. Well here is also one of my philanthropy foundations, if you care to share.

On getting to St Mary’s Hospital, the whole place was overcrowded. The nonchalant overworked and underpaid Doctor, looked at me and said “We won’t do anything on him unless 10,000 naira is first deposited, and we charge on a daily basis”. The Life saving 10,000 naira got me admitted to St Mary’s Hospital, where the burn was badly managed until my family rebelled and requested for a transfer to another Medical facility.

My Journey In Pain To Recovery From 3rd Degree Fire Burn

The next week was Monday and I left St Mary’s Hospital where the burn was badly managed (They lacked know-how in these things). Unfortunately for me, there was a bomb blast in Abuja around that time, so the whole hospital in Abuja was filled to brim. In the rickety ambulance I was writhing in pain, agony as puss oozed through my skin. From one hospital to another, I was rejected either due to the overcrowded facility or because my case was tagged “99% mortality chance”.

The pain was incomparable to the cold evil looks on those doctors who looked my mum in the eyes and told her I’d die. You see why I hate hospitals, now you see why I have not visited one since then.

Finally Asokoro General Hospital accepted me in only because as at the time of my arrival a patient died on the only empty bed space available. Talking about Divine stroke of chance or Natural selection, I found myself on the bed of a dead patient. Sadly Amaka Igwe the Famous Nigerian movie producer died on the same day I had that fire Accident April 28 2014. May her soul rest in peace.

Now let’s begin.

How To Heal From Fire Burn Within 3 Months With Proofs

The pain I felt in Asokoro General Hospital was incomparable to any I’ve felt in my life. My skin was always washed daily to remove the layers and this without pain killers. I nearly ran insane many times, all the cash gifts and words of hope couldn’t douse my agony. Thank God for the cash gifts from good Samaritans without which I’d not have paid my millions of naira bills.

How I recovered From 3rd degree fire accident within 3 months

Few months after the 3rd degree fire accident- without surgery

The Ointment To Use On Your Skin After Fire Burn

1) Mebo Ointment. I thank The makers of this amazing product , because it soothed the burning pain, and made a good difference in my skin.

fire burn and scar remover cream

21 Fruits And Food To Eat To Rapidly Heal Your Skin After Fire Burn.

1) Banana

2) Cucumber

3) Quail Eggs Raw

4) Moringa

5) Raisins

7) Kiwi Fruits

8) Breadfruit

7 Skin Lightening Fruits And Skin Damage Repairing Fruits(2 Weeks Difference)

9) Apples

10) Drink Honey

11) Watermelon

12) Pineapples

13) Cashew nuts

14) Dates

15) Vegetables such as water leaf, spinach, lettuce, cabbages

16) Bell pepper

17) Pear and Avocados

18) Guavas

19) Mustard seeds

20) Cereal meals such as WonderMeal, oats, custards, corn flakes.

21) Sugarcane

7 Do’s and Don’ts While On The Road To Recovery From A Fire Burn Accident

1) No matter what, try not to get fat while lying in bed of Recovery after a fire Burn. The fat won’t help you recover fast.

2) Do not despair, this too shall pass. I know you might sometimes feel suicidal, I felt that a thousand times, I even begged doctors to give me injection of death. Here I am today saying the story, the gory is gone and now I’m enjoying the glory.

3) Your state of mind determines your healing. The second day after the Accident I made the attempt to walk and I did. I was advised to always stretch a lot, so no part of my body becomes stiff.

4) Watch a lot of happy movies , listen to happy songs .The depression in the hospital is crazy as hell. The nightmares from the pain of fire burn and the daily hallucinations can take a toll on you, so keep a positive upbeat attitude.

5) Stay Mentally Active and Work

Thank God today we can work online and do a lot of productive activities from bed. Never stay dormant during your road to recovery otherwise you’d  notice time slowly creeps away as your pain lingers. Do everything to stay busy so you can sleep well at night.

6) Express your pain. I’m a great fighter , with fighting spirit, but during that time I cried shamelessly like a baby at will. The pain needed an outlet so I had no other choice.

7) Pray and Get Closer to God

I owe all of my recovery to God the most Highest. Without him how else would I have defiled death as predicted by professional Medical practitioners who told me to my face this would lead to death. God alone sent the Angel who gave the first cash gift and since that day many more came, I didn’t touch a penny from my pocket to pay for Medical bills. Matter of fact I’ve got a tear in my eyes as I recollect that bittersweet time. He gives beauty for ashes indeed.

I left Asokoro General Hospital a wonder to all the doctors who once said I’d die, they invited other doctors to come see the wonders of my rapid recovery.

You need me to talk to a fire Accident victim? contact me on +2348025201951, I’m Keen to them , so I can heal them with words. I also recommend longrich products if you will want more Trusted Natural Products to recover fast from fire burn.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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