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Skin Lightening Fruits, Skin Damage Repairing Fruits And Herbs That Tones You Evenly, Naturally, And Makes You Glow

Skin Lightening Fruits are around you, and as the saying goes “You’re what you eat”. The interesting thing about these skin Lightening fruits is that they are affordable, common and their results will be visible within 2 weeks.

These tips are practical because I used all of them to recover from a 3rd degree fire accident that lit up all my skin.

Are you like my friend T who completely overhauled her skin from Caramel Ebony to white, only to still have dark knuckles, uneven face complexion and dark knees? She used to be beautiful, but she’s now looking like an image from one of Stephen King’s Spooky Novels. Why look like an Halloween monster just because you want to tone, when there are Skin Lightening Fruits that helps you achieve that seamlessly.

My Question Is …..

Why do women hate fruits? seeing that they need it the most. Especially because of their monthly cycle. 

If you can include at least one or 2 fruits or herbs in your daily diet, you will not only evacuate every common infirmity, but you will look robust, healthier and radiant.

These Fruits are Skin Lightening And Skin Damage Repairing Fruits.

The reason why the fruits I’m about to mention work magic is because of the high presence of Antioxidants, beta-carotene, Vitamins and minerals present in them.

I believe the best Skin Lightening tips you can ever get from me is , ditch the nonsense chemical Products and go Natural. I have Longrich Skin milk made with Sheep placenta and all natural products. Eating the following skin Lightening Fruits will help you tone without having to burn your wallet on creams that cause cancer in future.

Now Let’s Begin….

7 Skin Lightening Fruits and Herbs That Gives You A Supple, Fresher and  Ageless Glow In 2 Weeks

1) Papaya As The Number 1 Skin Lightening Fruit

I’d sin against my inherited knowledge of Fruits, herbs, roots and seeds if I don’t mention Pawpaw as number one skin Lightening fruits. Is this not obvious by how sweet and yellow it looks? Blend papaya and drink it every morning, afternoon and evening, and within 2 weeks your skin will literally glow like a golden fish.

recyclable uses of pawpaw peels

2) Mangoes As Number 2 Skin Lightening Fruit

Mangoes are delicious, yellow and they can lighten your skin within 2 weeks of consumption. The other reason why I like this fruit is because you can use it to repair damages caused by sunburn and it heals other skin impurities. Blend mangoes and drink it first thing in the morning and last thing at night for visible radiant glow in 2 weeks.

3) Cucumber As Number 1 Skin Damage Repairing Fruits.

Blend Cucumber and drink it every morning, afternoon and night to repair any skin impurities and skin damage. This fruit is tasteless, so you will have to blend it to get over with it fast enough. The advantage of this fruit is that it also makes you lose weight without stress. You might find yourself visiting the loo to poo at the beginning of taking this fruit, but do not worry that’s how it works.


4) Moringa Leaves Tea as Skin Lightening and Skin Damage Repairing herb

I did an injustice to this particular herb. It is one of the best  Chlorophyll, antioxidant , and beta carotene filled herbs. Buy Moringa leaves and blend as a smoothie. Drink this morning and night and honestly the difference will show within less than 2 weeks.

5) Pear and Avocados As Skin Damage Repairing Fruits

Here is one mistake people make with pear and avocado, – they throw away the peel. The power of its whole Antioxidants, beta carotene lies in the skin. Blend this fruit whole with its skin without the seed , then drink at Least thrice a day for visible difference.

Avocado Health Benefits


6) Carrots As Skin Lightening Fruit

Is carrot a root or fruit? I don’t care what carrot is, but I know it heals your body of every skin impurities and it lightens the skin naturally. Your eyesight also benefits from this amazing fruit. Blend carrots and consume every morning, afternoon and night for a visible clear, bright and ageless glowing look.

Carrots health benefits


7) Pineapples As Skin Lightening and Skin Damage Repairing Fruits

Why throw the peel of pineapples when you can blend it with the content. Okay here’s how to do it, cut off the little spike and blend the whole Pineapple. Do not throw away the crown, it is very useful and you can plant it. Did you ever read the secret Health Benefits Of pineapples?

This fruit has a lot of benefits for the skin , the heart and your general well-being.

Pineapples Top Secret Health Benefits

Finally, here’s a toast to a new you, your ever radiant skin , and supple Ageless glow. Hopefully my Friend T reads this and applies wisdom to her reckless chemical based skin toning.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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