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Okra : How It Heals, Rejuvenates And Cleanse your Body

Okra health benefits are innumerable, for example it gets rid of eye related problems because of its high level of Vitamins. This fruit enhances your looks because it contains the perfect amount of Antioxidants, beta-carotene. It also facilitates smooth child delivery.

How People Prepare Okra For Consumption

Okra is slimy and tastes a bit funny, but that’s not enough reason to ignore the immense Health Benefits it possesses.

Some people cook okra as a soup. Some boil okra before eating, and others simply eat it raw.

You can blend Okra as a smoothie and add yoghurt to make it flow in your throat. I like my Okra fresh and ready to consume, and boy oh boy I love its awesome benefits.

Okra amazing health benefits

7 Health Benefits Of Okra For The Body, Heart And Skin

1) Okra cures diabetes :

A diabetes patient should consume Okra first thing in the morning and last thing at night for 40 days to get rid of diabetes once and for all.

2) Eliminate Kidney stones :

Okra is one of the fastest ways of Eliminating kidney stones, just blend with Cucumber and drink every day to restore your Kidney Health .

3) Boost Immune System:

This wonder fruit works with the white blood cells to restore your health, and fight against radicals that cause cancer and other deadly diseases..

4) It eliminates viruses, bacteria and infections.

Is it not funny that most people use garlic, onions to eliminate viral Infections. Did you know Okra has more Antimicrobial, antiviral Properties. When you blend Okra with Moringa leaves , you unleash a wonder working cure for any diseases.

5) Okra cures Arthritis and Strengthens the bones

I am yet to see how to get rid of arthritis as fast as taking Okra. Make a smoothie of okra and raisins, consume daily for 3 Months and you’d be whole again.

6) Improves Memory and eliminates eye related problems

This is one of the reasons why I love Okra. The eyes are connected to the brain and drinking Okra and carrot blend will aid in getting rid of eye related problems and improve your cognitive functions.

7) Boost Fertility and Aids in Smooth child delivery.

This is a good plant for men and women, because it improves the sperm count of men and it enhances production of good eggs in women. This plant is very useful for producing healthy and sound minded children. Blend Okra with pineapples and dates to get the full result of this particular benefit.


Finally, Okra is also used to cure liver problems and as a beauty enhancing plant . Enjoy this great fruit today and tap into its awesome benefits.

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