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Tired of stuffing your system with pills? Try any of these Fruits, Vegetables ,leaves and Herbs.
In 21 days,you’d notice a visible difference.
In 77 days you’d be radically transformed and healed completely. A-Z Fruits Herbs That Works Wonders In Your Body
Go to the doctors afterwards and you’d see you’re totally whole to their utter amazement.Bingo!
Holy Doc Ibrahim A. Musa (Author Quote) “Fruits,Herbs,Roots & Leaves For Your General Well-Being.Here is the launch
of my contribution to the world of Fruits,Herbs,Roots & Leaves Health Benefits.
I Originally intended to publish these works as books, but due to the outbreak of Covid-19,
I have decided to make it free in honor to the dear ones we lost.”
Welcome to the home of free natural health, vitality and wholeness using Plants, Fruits, Herbs, and Bark of trees alone. See Intro of My Origin as Descendant of Ancient Herbs Healers 
You will enjoy the naturally smooth flow of my write ups. You will get to know the content here is authentic, authority backed and accurately loaded with immense benefits to give you sound Health, sweet radiant glow and marvelous energy with a promise of longevity – I mean it.
I reveal unique ultimate guide to natural beauty, natural health, natural energy, natural strength using the power embedded in Fruits, Seeds, Roots, Herbs and Leaves.
If you are skeptical about the supreme health benefits of Fruits,Herbs, Leaves and Tree bark, then watch herbivores animals such as Bull, Elephant, Monkeys, Buffaloes, and ask yourself one simple question. “Where the heck do these super strong creatures get their energy from”? Now put your hand on your head and humbly say “I choose to be wiser than animals”.

What Is The Harm In Trying Fruits, Herbs, And Roots. They are Natural!

Do you want to cure any health condition with Fruits,Herbs,Roots,Leaves,  do you want to attract money,love and expel evil energy using just Herbs or Leaves.
Or are you simply fed up of swallowing artificial pills for conditions that have its healing in natural Fruits, Leaves,Roots and Herbs.
If you are here, then this is the right place for you. Today you’re on the path to absolute discovery and recovery using just Herbs, Fruits,Roots and Leaves.See Our blog
They are generational transferred secrets I got from many ancients forefathers and some healthy old people, plus the divine inspiration from God Almighty.
Fruits and Herbs are God’s gift to humanity. Before the advent of medicines,tablets,pills and injections, our forefathers were healed, replenished and absolutely healthy just by the use of herbs and fruits.
Ezekiel 47:12 “Their fruits will serve for food and their leaves for healing”. God said that. It was God’s instructions to the Fruits and Herbs for your immense benefits. Isn’t that great.
NOTE : I’m in no way trying to discredit the medicines you buy over the counter.
I am not saying stop visiting Health Practitioners either, I am just revealing secrets embedded with nature free gifts of Fruits, Herbs,Roots and Leaves.

Why I am qualified to tell you the Super Secret Health Benefits Of Herbs,Roots,Leaves and Fruits.

1)  I’m from the long lineage of generations who were herbalists. My forefathers(Maternal) were specialist herbalist they used herbs to heal.
2)  My Mum trust my supreme inherited skill of Herbs, Fruits, Plants and Roots that she calls me to ask what to use for Health related issue she faces.She is over 60 but looks like my sister because of the glowing radiant skin she get from Fruits, Herbs, Roots and all.
3)  I use Leaves, Fruits,Roots, Herbs and Vegetables to heal anything, no matter what it is. I pursue Herbs, Roots, Fruits,and Leaves knowledge like my life depends on it. My life probably depends on it.
4)  I don’t like some Doctors, no hard feelings. They exaggerate everything and make you scared until you cough out your last money. I once spent 2 month plus in an Hospital from April 28th 2014.
I had a 3rd degree fire accident, over 15 doctors predicted my death. Well I walked out of the hospital with my two legs. Yes I still bear a scar on my left hand and my calf , but I deliberately left it as a proof of my victory over death by fire. Matter of fact ” I am the Living fire”. Ever since I left the hospital that day, I vowed never to visit hospitals again.And I have never done that since then. Discover how I do this.
5)  I’m sick and tired of seeing many media houses lie about why there is no cure for this and that , despite how God has richly blessed us with natural remedy for all these diseases and sickness. Who knows maybe I studied Journalism and believed in developmental communication for a time like this when I’d save you from any illness through just Herbs,Roots,Leaves and Fruits.
6)  I know energetic people who are 70 plus , 80+, and 96.  All these people use are Herbs,Roots, Leaves and Fruits. Matter of fact one of them gave me part of the lists I will share.

There Is A Fruit,Herbs, Roots To Heal Any Of Your Health Condition

Now Here are some of the conditions you can change so easily from home with just Fruits, Herbs,Roots and Leaves they are : Asthma, Fibroid, Cancer, AIDS, all Venereal Diseases, catarrh, gain weight, loss weight, grow hair, cure glaucoma, cure bad breath , pump up your energy from sub zero as if you drank 30 Red Bull, reverse Anemia, Sickle cell and lots more amazing Health benefits.
If you do not find what you need right now, just relax because I will publish newer content here occasionally or you can subscribe for instant notification to get updated on newer content. I’d make you enjoy more and more newer content after I conduct latest research from the depth of Africa ancients who are alive.
Matter of fact in this Blog I will show you herbs that can make you attract love. Herbs that attract wealth. Leaves that expel dark energies in your surroundings.
I believe the best things of life are free. Checkout the air you breathe. The water you drink. The food you can plant in your backyard to eat.

Why Pay Lots Of Money For What You Can Pluck

Never pay  for what you can get for free from God nature’s gift to you.
Get ready to have your mind blown by the wonder Fruits,Leaves ,Barks,Roots and Herbs.
The visible effect of fruits,herbs,and roots begin to show 21 days after.
Use them for 77 days consistently and you’d be superbly whole. No overdose in fruits, herbs and leaves, just use it daily. They are natural. This is not a prescription, it is an absolute fact based on nature trusted and God given recommendation. You deserve it . Your life , wholeness and Health is worth it.
Make sure you drink a lot of water with any of these Fruits,Herbs,Roots and Leaves for more potent results.
A bucket filled with dirt will empty itself and self clean just when you open a faucet of water into it.
 At 17 I made attempts at suicide for depression sake. Water was one of those natural things that eradicated the poison from my system. I revived my liver and kidney with water, Fruits,Leaves,Roots and Herbs.
Now Let Us Begin…..
From 3rd degree face scar to spotless face within months

ABOUT The AUTHOR Of HealFastfruit 

Ibrahim A. Musa ‘Aka’ “IAMEmperor Afo Diamond(OF THE MOST HIGHEST GOD)” is known as the ‘Traditional , Natural Health Herbal-life Advocate In Suit’. He inherited this healing in fruits, leaves,seeds and roots benefits.

As a Journalist he also meet very old people who knows about this Health Benefits of Fruits, Leaves, Herbs for more Knowledge.

He is very passionate about proving that God gave Mother Earth the cure for every ailments.

He is an Ardent Believer in the Good Book’s Ezekiel 47 :12 ” Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing…….Of The Nations”

Ibrahim began this blog backed by inherited wisdom from God, his forefathers , and more research from older men and women.


More Facts About The Author

He is a lover of Nature and God, so naturally he was sad about the Covid-19 pandemic deaths. Then he kicked away the Idea To Write This As Books Of 50,00000 pages and Said To Himself “Make The Healing Secrets Free For All

“I experienced a 3rd Degree Fire Accident In Abuja On April 28 2014,the whole Doctors said I’d die’ But I walked out with only 3 visible scars(My Left Hand, My 2 lower foot -The other part was healed and whole) in less than 3 months after”…..I Came From The Dead, He Resurrected So Did I…”He has Scars for my sake, So do I for his sake”.

Emperor Afo began this blog to save many lives from Death and Sicknesses backed up by God and his own personal inherited discoveries.

A Business man/Journalist in the morning , a Healer and Philanthropist at noon, and a researcher by night his mission statement is ” Obsessively in pursuit of knowledge and Excellence for the purpose of self improvement, self empowerment and People Empowerment,While loving God Deeply Everyday”.

He proves these things through his research skills, probing inquisitive attitude and his mind blowing discoveries.

With meekness to learn at the feet of world class teachers , Emperor Afo Diamond is possessed by the gift of Holy Spirit in healing using fruits, herbs, roots, and Leaves.

Book Premium Appointment

You can book a premium appointment and meeting for Natural remedies for any health condition .
Schedule a master mentor appointment with me online to discuss your condition. I will use my God given resources of time and knowledge to bring you the healing you deserve.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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