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Psychosomatic Illnesses Prevention Tips ...

psychosomatic disorders

Psychosomatic medicine derives its name from Greek. Psyche “mind” or “spirit” or “soul” . But actually including all of them and soma. “body”. The interlocking relationship that exists between the mind and the body is the broad base upon which this science is founded. What Causes Psychosomatic Diseases? Psychosomatic medicine has contributed much toward a […]

Evergreen Health Tips You Must Not Ignor...

Evergreen Health tips

Evergreen Health Tips That Are Timeless : The Law of Good Health Evergreen Health Tips are our only insurance against recurring illnesses like common cold, flu and psychosomatic illnesses like heart diseases, migraine, cancer. This is a continuation of the series which I began on Wednesday “Timeless Secrets Of Good Health And Longevity(Free Series)  ” […]


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