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I am here to make a difference in the “Global Health and Safety Tips Community Online and Offline” 

Although I inherited these knowledge I am sharing here, but I will also be transiting from Nations to remote communities to conduct well detailed researches. I am a Journalist, so I know my way around people. However as a Philanthropist I will be needing your help in development of communities I visit. And for some of my travel expenses.

When I get to new communities to find out about their landmark herbal remedies for various ailments, I would be given. Because there is a code of communication I will use as a Journalist and as a Professional Herbal Practitioner. Humanly speaking it will be unfair to tap into the well of herbal knowledge from these communities without giving back.(Money indeed answers all things)

4 Things we Will use your Donations For

  • Travel for Research and Development to Remote Villages and Places
  • Build landmarks in the villages as a thank you (Water faucets, educational materials)
  • Empower the farmers in the villages with some modern farming equipment
  • Provide food, clothes and teach family about the God of Israel from the Bible.

However in some of the communities I get to, I might need an Interpreter and Guide to lead me. Their top Herbal Practitioner might not know English, so I will have to take an English speaking native as a guide.(Sometimes Google interpreter gives me some funny interpretation, though I still use it-giggles).
If you feel led to support me, kindly donate here.

1 dollar is big enough, if you are bigger do more….Thank you!!! 

Pay To Our Bitcoin Address : 39RQv9ZLivmxmRqqsT53czjWRENTusJzWL

Pay to Our Ethereum Address: 0x8d02f7fba932381676d85a387be459e5112d1240

Pay to Our Tether Address0xa412d8738f4bc46487430f2ddfcfe393853fff58

Pay to Our XRP (Ripples) address below :  rnNQs4WAKUHes7kJtqqRiU3Wq9q1pHuDEt   -(Destination tag) 198962526

Pay to Our Litecoin addressMP31e2hhctLshrHUe2ghwXfyEv97oqw5pX

Pay to Our Dash Address : XcXyzJEr4uLZKvLBcSQspeLuUrgvgGt5iw

I promise to open a page for my charity and research works soon, so you can clearly see the good your money does.
You can also contact me here so I can acknowledge your donations.

Share and Enjoy Good Health !

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