Guava Leaves are potent sources of vitamins,antiviral, antioxidant,lycopene and 30 other health giving properties

Guava leaves tea help you stay younger, combats oral diseases, keeps your eyesight sharper, improves your memory and help fights against over 15 diseases including cancer, lung diseaes and STD

Guava leaves tea is very easy to brew. Just put 10 leaves in hot water and you can add honey to give it a delicious taste. Or you can dice guava fruits into the tea to enjoy the rich natural flavor.

Drinking 2 to 4 glasses of Guava leaves daily is a sure way of boosting your immune system, while also eliminating chances of illnesses. This tea is also known to improve your mood, fight stress and give you a sharper mind

You can improve your eyesight by drinking guava leaves tea. Chewing on guava leaf gives you fresher breath.The fiber content in guava leaf prevent stomach related problems. You can  burn out stomach fat by drinking guava leaf  and eating raisins in  the morning and night.

Guave leaf tea is the sure herbal home made remedy for a lot of health conditions  that so easily attack our immune system. You will live longer, healthier and enjoy a younger ageless look with this tea.

Wake up to the awesome immense benefits of guava leaves tea today. Your health will be improved, your energy level will soar. and  your mind will be alert.