Oats, Milk and Honey facemask is a simple but highly effective  way to get rid of skin impurities such as pimples,sunburn, wrinkles in few days

The harmless mixture of Oats,Honey and Milk can be used at anytime of the day. It is also a natural way of eliminating dead skin cells with causing damage to your skin pores.While  maintaining your skin collagen and glow.

Learn How To Make Your Own Oats,Honey, and Milk Facemask In 3 Minutes.

1) Get A Clean Empty Bowl 2) Pour a part of the Oat,Milk,Honey Mixture 3) Mix the mixture thoroughly,until it becomes a paste

Apply The Mixture of Oats, Milk and Honey On Face and Neck For 20 minutes daily,then rinse off with warm clean water. Do this for 2 weeks,to get that  soft,supple,child-like  skin tone.